The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27703

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Clues Answers
A guard holding case of ammunition up at an end
Acts as guide abroad, they say OVERSEES
Altercation had by society girl DEBATE
Anger in local leading to assault BARRAGE
Atlas so useless, leaving one perplexed at a loss
Attempt to seduce? One might with item from Ann Summers? try it on
Brainy brother drinking rye? The opposite CEREBRAL
Complaint of students backing coup SUNSTROKE
Cop, second one in Paris Match MOUNTIE
Dog on the tracks? It’s mine COLLIERY
Ducks outside range freely, finding something smelling nice OREGANO
Exposing evil action of a referee? whistle-blowing
Fat man I married needs new top TUBBY
Jack’s approval, quietly overlooked RAISE
Killing earl’s thug arranged SLAUGHTER
Clues Answers
Leader of armed mob almost seizing city in battle ALAMO
Leaving old city, fever becomes mild TEMPERATE
Letter has half of them worried in recession THETA
Model prisoner first of those getting out of nick TRUSTY
One always fuming Brit looms nastily STROMBOLI
Rebellion? Reluctantly at first I reveal all RISING
Reread EP Thompson? Some of it’s brilliant ADEPT
Revolutionary source of light, son cries BLUBS
Solitary Europeans possessing authority EREMITE
Study agreements society put forward TREATISE
Swap tips on highly charged little Dickensian? DORRIT
The horror of one’s experience under duke DISTASTE
Wait, as groom may have to do? hold your horses
What dog may do to welcome garden visitor? WAGTAIL
Write to head of MI6 about betrayer two-timer