New York Times - Jun 26 2020

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Clues Answers
'Get Out' director PEELE
'Gigi' composer LOEWE
'I hardly recognize the person I see' YOUVECHANGED
'Join us!' COME
'Let ___' ITBE
'Need You Tonight' band, 1987 INXS
'Not my problem' DONTLOOKATME
Acclaim VAUNT
Accumulate, with 'up' PILE
Big name in water filters BRITA
Bird with nostrils at the tip of its beak KIWI
Board game bonus ROLLAGAIN
Booty HAUL
Bucko PAL
Capital on the Arabian Peninsula SANAA
Comfortably inviting HOMEY
Country whose currency is the kwanza ANGOLA
Decide to keep after all STET
Dishes usually served on cold plates ASPICS
Dramatist Chekhov ANTON
Enliven PEPUP
Furry little pest FIELDMOUSE
Ganders, e.g HES
Garden with fruit trees EDEN
Greek spirits OUZOS
Hardy heroine TESS
Hawaiian raw fish dish POKE
Hit below the belt KNEED
Hogwarts house whose emblem is, surprisingly, an eagle RAVENCLAW
Honored newlyweds, say MADEATOAST
Ian's relative? ESE
Indivisible entity MONAD
Key for a high-pitched clarinet EFLAT
Kind of artist who's not very good? CON
Like some cleaners ALLPURPOSE
Clues Answers
Limit of one's patience LASTSTRAW
Liquids in shots SERA
Lover of Tony in a hit 1978 song LOLA
Low-lying areas DALES
Lowest notes ONES
Luxury stadium seating PRIVATEBOX
Mother of Hamnet Shakespeare ANNE
One letting off steam IRON
One taking the high road? STONER
Part of an exit strategy ESCAPEROUTE
Ph.D., for one ABBR
Place to sleep on the go BERTH
Program that might request a portfolio, in brief MFA
Pronoun for Florence in Venice, say ESSA
Response to 'Are we there yet?' SOON
Return some calls? ECHO
Revlon subsidiary ALMAY
Running mate in the 1996 presidential election KEMP
Rush order ASAP
Sheltered walk MALL
Some TripAdvisor listings MOTELS
Something not much worn in the summer WOOL
Strollers through Covent Garden PRAMS
Summer refresher COOLBREEZE
The hallux is the big one TOE
They can give you a bit of a lift KITTENHEELS
They're full of endless drama SOAPOPERAS
Unaccounted for AWOL
Unexpected delight RARETREAT
What many use to solve the New York Times crossword APP
Who turned Medusa's hair to serpents, per Ovid ATHENA
[That is ... rough!] OOF
___ Davis Institute on Gender in Media GEENA
___ mission ONA