Universal - Jun 18 2020

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Clues Answers
"For sure!" OHYES
"Later, gator!" SEEYA
(Original writer's mistake) SIC
*"Have we met?" (unscramble letters 4 to 8) DOIKNOWYOU
*80s kids? (... 1 to 6) BSTUDENTS
*Broadway's "Harry Potter and the ___" (... 2 to 8) CURSEDCHILD
*Flips out (... 5 to 10) GOESBONKERS
10th anniversary metal TIN
2018 Spotify event: Abbr IPO
59-Down's athletic group ACC
Actor Simon PEGG
Afflicts AILS
Apt name for a locksmith? KIKI
Bikini top BRA
Bird incubated by its father EMU
Burden ONUS
Causes, as drama STIRSUP
Chants on 38-Across OMS
Charlottesville sch UVA
Cobra pose surfaces MATS
County next to Suffolk ESSEX
Covert attention-getter PSST
Dangerous pellets BBS
Disney collectibles CELS
Disney heroine played by Liu Yifei MULAN
Dove or baby noise COO
Drama venue, in London THEATRE
Formerly known as NEE
Fragrant fire feeder PINELOG
Fret endlessly AGONIZE
Hawaiian diet staple TARO
Imogen Heap's "Hide and ___" SEEK
Impetuous RASH
Inundated AWASH
Japanese paste MISO
Kathmandu Valley's country NEPAL
Kind of black tea ASSAM
Latin for "guilty mind" MENSREA
Less well-done RAWER
Clues Answers
Lion in the sky LEO
Long time EPOCH
Mass in an Antarctic sea PACKICE
Miller ___ LITE
Network addresses IPS
New Mexico pueblo site TAOS
Nonmagical folks in "Harry Potter" books MUGGLES
Not working, or a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters OUTOFORDER
Opposite of "sans" AVEC
Poet Pound EZRA
Pop icon Celine DION
Posed a question ASKED
Romeo or Juliet ROLE
Rowboat tool OAR
Second part of a play ACTII
Siberian husky, perhaps SLEDDOG
Siren song? WAIL
Skin concern ACNE
Sloth or wrath SIN
Soaks in one's glory BASKS
Squat targets, informally GLUTES
Starter dishes, slangily APPS
Suffix for hydrox- IDE
Summer pests GNATS
They're opened in browsers TABS
Thick soup POTAGE
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Toys requiring wind KITES
Trebek on TV ALEX
Twiddled one's thumbs SATIDLE
Univ. educator PROF
Unwelcome omen BADSIGN
Verbal eye roll UGH
Word after "skirt" or "hanger" STEAK
___ Cruise (Katie Holmes' daughter) SURI
___ Luyendyk Jr. (2018 Bachelor) ARIE
___-feuille (French pastry) MILLE