Universal - Jun 16 2020

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Clues Answers
"Access denied," e.g ERROR
"Giant" author Ferber EDNA
"Kinda sorta" ISH
"Odyssey" or "Ramayana" EPIC
Ancient wrap TOGA
Anderson Cooper's channel CNN
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Archie or Veronica, always TEEN
Baseball player's skill when moonlighting as a singer? PERFECTPITCH
Bear in astronomy URSA
Bees' product HONEY
Big fuss ADO
Chows down EATS
City in northwest Nevada RENO
Commoner PLEB
Connection point NODE
Cookie quantity BATCH
Dennings of "WandaVision" KAT
Derisive imitation MOCKERY
Edgar Allan ___ POE
Evil order with lightsabers SITH
Excavator relative BACKHOE
Famous Ford flop EDSEL
Fender flaw DENT
Financial analyst's contribution when moonlighting as a musician? QUARTERNOTES
Finch food BIRDSEED
Fishhook attachment BAIT
Future D.A.'s hurdle LSAT
Geologist's discoveries when moonlighting as a concert promoter? ROCKBANDS
Greek life group, informally FRAT
Help with a heist ABET
Hide-hair link NOR
Hoity-toity sort SNOB
Irritates IRKS
It takes a toll: Abbr TPK
Jason Bourne's org CIA
Julius Caesar was one ROMAN
King of France? ROI
Lady renowned for her "Shallow" performance GAGA
Large coffee vessel URN
Clues Answers
LAX screening org TSA
Lead-in to "Pen" EPI
Lets up EASES
Locksmith's ability when moonlighting as a songwriter? KEYCHANGE
Longtime Yankee, to fans AROD
Makes a cake BAKES
Makes a face for the camera MUGS
Massage reactions AAHS
Medium gait TROT
Message from an app ALERT
Mo. that was originally eighth OCT
Nobel Peace Prize city OSLO
One may shed its skin SNAKE
One-named Irish singer ENYA
Painter's deg., perhaps MFA
Personal info BIODATA
Place in the Senate SEAT
Popular swab QTIP
Potato state IDAHO
Puerto ___ RICO
Qualifying race HEAT
Reeves of "John Wick" KEANU
Santa ___ (city near Cupertino) CLARA
Sheer delight ECSTASY
Sibling's daughter NIECE
Sirius and Canopus STARS
Sound setup STEREO
Sticky stuff PASTE
Tea set carrier TRAY
The Bucs stop here TAMPA
Thing on a list ITEM
Time for dreaming, often WEEHOURS
Took care of, as plants WATERED
Toward dawn EAST
Upper hand EDGE
Utter confusion CHAOS
Was scared of FEARED
What's fair in love and war ALL
Word sung twice after "Que" SERA
___-com ROM