Universal - Jun 5 2020

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Clues Answers
"... assuming it's possible" IFICAN
"Ceci n'est pas ___ pipe" UNE
"Foxy Brown" star Grier PAM
"Go me!" BOOYAH
"Hey! Over here!" PSST
"Humble" album DAMN
"I should've known better!" SHAMEONME
"Louder, louder than a lion" Katy Perry song ROAR
"___ Fideles" (Christmas carol) ADESTE
'80s TV character Remington STEELE
Actor Ed ASNER
Agt.'s cut PCT
Album Beyonce released when she turned 25 BDAY
Ambulance letters EMS
Be worthy of EARN
Big name in theaters AMC
Bird seen in the afternoon? TERN
Blended-family member STEPCHILD
Boot from office DEPOSE
Bro's sib SIS
Catch, as a crook NAB
Complete collection SET
Continental currency EURO
DNA components STRANDS
Dramatic courtroom shout LIAR
Encountered MET
Exam with a max score of 36 ACT
Exchange TRADE
Exist ARE
Gerund's finish ING
Golden arches, for McDonald's LOGO
Good listener? EAR
Gotham City hero BATMAN
Hard on the eyes, color-wise LURID
Headwear at an "Aida" performance OPERAHAT
Home in a tree NEST
It's between two vertebrae DISC
Kimono go-with OBI
Lexicon from a British uni OED
Like thick fog DENSE
Clues Answers
Liqueur in a kir CASSIS
Listen to, as advice HEED
Load-bearing Titan ATLAS
Many NYC dwellings APTS
Month to honor Mom MAY
Muscles exercised on a leg day in Norfolk, slangily? VIRGINIAHAMMIES
Neat drink's lack ICE
Nora Roberts novels ROMANCES
Not out and about ATHOME
Oil grp OPEC
Part of ETA: Abbr ARR
Picnic foods enjoyed near El Capitan, slangily? YOSEMITESAMMIES
Pigeon sounds COOS
Place to do yoga MAT
Post-shaving brand AFTA
Quickly, in music ALLEGRO
Race, as an engine REV
Rascals ROGUES
Response to oversharing, in texts TMI
Roe fish SHAD
Sausage often paired with beer, familiarly BRAT
Sculptor's creation STATUE
Sewer critter RAT
Slam into RAM
Sleepwear with a red fruit printed on it, slangily? TOMATOJAMMIES
Some Wyndham hotels, informally HOJOS
Tara of "Sharknado" REID
Teddy alternative? THEO
That thing's ITS
This, in Spanish ESTO
Thrilla in Manila boxer ALI
Tip jar bills ONES
Tip-top ACME
Tuna that's usually seared AHI
Unmannerly sort LOUT
Worker at a forge SMITH
Yank TUG
Yes, in Paris OUI
___ Spumante ASTI
___ von Bismarck OTTO