Wall Street Journal - May 30 2020 - Post-It Notes

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Clues Answers
“Forget it!” NOSOAP
“Let ___!” ITGO
“Meet the Press” host Chuck TODD
“Take a Chance on Me” group ABBA
“The Spanish Hour” composer RAVEL
“Toodles!” TATA
“Uh-uh!” NAW
“Zounds!” EGAD
1998 Masters champion Mark OMEARA
Abbr. on a copier tray LTR
Accepted truths AXIOMS
All-inclusive prefix OMNI
Alpine outbursts YODELS
Andy Taylor’s boy OPIE
Architect’s papers PLANS
Attack en masse STORM
Avocado dip, briefly GUAC
Ballroom belles DEBS
Bit of dental work CAP
Bk. before Daniel EZEK
Budget-friendly prefix in company names ECONO
Canine comment ARF
Care for a calico CATSIT
Casablanca setting AFRICA
Caterer’s vessels URNS
Celebratory performance after changing one’s will? DISINHERITDANCE
Central Park attraction ZOO
Chapel promise IDO
Check out the Steel works READ
Cloud-seeding compound IODIDE
Cockamamie ABSURD
Come together UNITE
Comic strip box PANEL
Comme une crème brûlée RICHE
Cranky person CURMUDGEON
Creator of Auric and Pussy IAN
Detroit product SEDAN
Direct route BEELINE
Dogs, owls, gardeners and the like? RABBITFEARS
Dromedary feature HUMP
Elementary BASIC
Elongated fish EEL
Enlistees with “mosquito wings” insignia AIRMEN
Eon subdivisions ERAS
Exceedingly hot? QUITESMOKING
Experimental version BETA
Feature of Bhutan’s flag DRAGON
Flickertails, e.g SQUIRRELS
Former times, in former times ELD
Furthermore ATTHAT
Future atty.’s exam LSAT
Ghost-hunting tools? SPIRITCLAMPS
Golden Globe winner Elba IDRIS
Govt. note TBOND
Grayish hue TAUPE
Half of a disputed account HESAID
Headed up LED
Help AID
High-maintenance sort DIVA
Home of Hercules’s leonine opponent NEMEA
In flames AFIRE
Innocence indicator, perhaps ALIBI
Intersect with CROSS
Jelly bean flavoring ANISE
Lasagna cheese RICOTTA
Lives together COHABITS
Long of “The Banker” NIA
Malaria symptom AGUE
Clues Answers
Managers of Greek sandwich shops? PITABOSSES
Mexican mister SENOR
Modest prayer request DAILYBREAD
Most bizarre ODDEST
Moved out of the way SHUNTED
Mozart’s “___ fan tutte” COSI
Musical groups’ heydays? HITBANDRUNS
Neptune, for one SEAGOD
Night notes TAPS
Numbers for crunching DATA
Operating outlay COSTS
Optimal BEST
Otherwise ELSE
Paint à la Pollock SPATTER
Palindromic girl’s name ADA
Parrot MIMIC
Pen holders? BARS
Philadelphia university DREXEL
Philosopher who influenced Marx HEGEL
Ponder MULL
Potato exporter IDAHO
Public display SCENE
Purpose of some calls of the wild MATING
Put up ERECT
Rancher with an iron BRANDER
Reed on recordings LOU
Regimen DIET
Rousseau educational treatise EMILE
Rubber place? SPA
Savory jelly ASPIC
Select bunch ELITE
Set off APART
Short skirts MINIS
Short vacations BREAKS
Simple question type YESNO
Single surface SIDEA
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Smidge TAD
Some couples MARRIEDS
Spain’s Costa ___ Sol DEL
Sparkly topper TIARA
Speak from memory RECITE
Sports shoe company based in Japan ASICS
Stage direction in a multigenerational drama? EXITGRAMPS
Surreptitious “Hey!” PSST
Swanky LUXE
Sweet tuber YAM
Take in SEE
Teatro La Fenice song ARIA
Tennis need NET
That woman SHE
Tolkien baddie ORC
Took steps ACTED
Transplant in the greenhouse REPOT
Tribute HOMAGE
Triumphant cry on checking the mailbox ITSHERE
Unfamiliar ALIEN
Up next ONDECK
Uptown Manhattan restaurant until 2011 ELAINES
Walled city on the Yamuna DELHI
Washboard makeup ABS
Water pitchers EWERS
What 24 nursery rhyme blackbirds were baked in APIE
When Canada celebrates Thanksgiving OCTOBER
Where editors put the paper TOBED
Winter ride SLED
Witloof and escarole ENDIVES
___ Cong VIET