- Jan 17 2010

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Clues Answers
''Bali __'' HAI
''Billboard'' list CHART
''Fiddler on the Roof'' tune SUNRISESUNSET
''I should have known that!'' DUH
''Linzer'' pastry TORTE
''Lorenzo's Oil'' star NOLTE
''Nixon in China ''is one OPERA
''The Fantasticks'' tune TRYTOREMEMBER
''The Jungle Book ''star SABU
''The World of __ Wong'' SUZIE
1953 tune introduced by Leslie Caron HILILIHILO
Acted like APED
Actress Belafonte SHARI
Airport approximation ETA
Animation collectible CEL
Antlered beast STAG
Arafat's grp. PLO
Athenian statesman SOLON
Aussie leaper ROO
Backed into a corner ATBAY
Bard's nightfall EEN
Baseball great Stan MUSIAL
Beatles tune of '65 NORWEGIANWOOD
Become tiresome PALL
Biblical spokesman AARON
Blissful spot EDEN
Board-game spins TURNS
Bridge call PASS
Brit's radials TYRES
Building-block brand LEGO
Chaney Sr. or Jr. LON
City near Syracuse UTICA
Clamp shape CEE
Cologne's river RHINE
Conductor's pages SCORE
Connery successor as Bond MOORE
Cracker shape ANIMAL
D-backs and Nats NLERS
Dayan of Israel MOSHE
Dean Martin signature tune THATSAMORE
Drums heard in westerns TOMTOMS
Dunderheads BOZOS
Eisenhower predecessor TRUMAN
European capital BERNE
Family singers' surname OSMOND
Fashionista's concern STYLE
Fish detector SONAR
Five US presidents, as collegians YALEMEN
Frequently OFT
Garlic sections CLOVES
Gave the go-ahead to OKD
Gladiator's venue ARENA
Go hither and yon ROVE
Golf pro Ernie ELS
Good-for-nothing BUM
Greek-salad ingredient OLIVE
Happy __ clam ASA
Has title to OWNS
Haunted-house sound HOWL
Hefty volume TOME
Hoedown dancer GAL
HS class ENG
HS supporters PTAS
Hydrant hookups HOSES
Icy treat SNOCONE
Ill temper IRE
In the bag ASSURED
Inventor Whitney ELI
It may be close SHAVE
It may be on a tree SHOE
Jazz singer James ETTA
Jim Croce tune of '72 TIMEINABOTTLE
John Denver tune of '74 ANNIESSONG
Clues Answers
Jr.'s exam PSAT
Label that bought Motown MCA
Ladybug prey APHID
Leaves breathless AWES
Longs for DESIRES
LP player PHONO
Macabre cartoonist ADDAMS
Mandolin kin LUTE
Mango's center STONE
Many a ski house AFRAME
McAn of shoes THOM
Mideast royal name SAUD
More than enough AMPLE
Morse dash DAH
Most scoutmasters DADS
Move rudely SHOVE
NFL field units. YDS
Nirvana seeker YOGI
Old ''Reading and 'riting'' tune SCHOOLDAYS
Out of harm's way SECURE
Palette options HUES
Pares down SLIMS
Pledge-drive gift TOTE
Predatory person SHARK
Preferred invitees ALIST
Prefix for angular TRI
Prestigious prizes NOBELS
Publishing employee EDITOR
Put an edge on HONED
Race of about 6.2 mi. TENK
Reason for a raise MERIT
Reeves of ''The Matrix'' KEANU
Reggae precursor SKA
Rescue-squad VIP EMT
Right-angle shape ELL
Said suddenly SPATOUT
Sashimi selection EEL
Satisfied sound AAH
Sheer fabric TOILE
Short flight HOP
Simple Simon acquaintance PIEMAN
Smug expression SMIRK
Something given to a hurricane NAME
Sour-cream tidbit CHIVE
Spoiled, with ''on'' DOTED
Sporty car, for short TBIRD
Statement of belief CREED
Still not broken UNTAMED
Strapped for cash SHORT
Surveillance setup WIRETAP
Tech giant IBM
Testified SWORE
Tex-Mex order TOSTADA
Tibetan priests LAMAS
Tried to win WOOED
Twitter message TWEET
Two jacks, e.g. ONEPAIR
Uncouth ones BOORS
Unskilled workers PEONS
Up to the task ABLE
Villain portrayer in ''Spider-Man'' DAFOE
Vitamin bottle fig. RDA
Was brilliant SHONE
What to call a catamaran SHE
Where a tab fits SLOT
Will Smith biopic ALI
Wine buyer's concern AGE
Without aid ALONE
Words on a candy heart BEMINE
Work at a diner WAIT
Writer Chekhov ANTON
__ Paese cheese BEL