The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27674

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Clues Answers
A glass object allowing some light in? AJAR
Animal wife evidently caught? NEWT
Athlete is snubbed by this competitor THROWER
Book half of rabble, as lawman SHERIFF
Brewer falsifying report about drink PERCOLATOR
Charge again, or deal's off RELOAD
Delicate creature, get down dog! SWALLOWTAIL
Disappointed only wine available at party then? Daughter going in! cheesed off
Fish cutting back, powerfully PILCHARD
For example, rose water, perhaps? FLOWER
He’s perhaps right, intellectual artist leaning to the left? rare gas
Impressing me, country reversed rule REGIMEN
Item climber starting off over slope has on for support? CRAMPON
Killers opening drink a little backward PISTOLS
Line in opera beginning to drift went this way and that SLALOMED
Mammal eating mammal, a cold dish CASSATA
Clues Answers
Modify it with a relevant option ALTERNATIVE
Native American quickly burying head in hands APACHE
Odd bits dropping off kitchen freezer? ICE
Old commander, on another occasion, dropping in AGA
Opening left for sailors PORT
Pin on LEG
Problem with failing, one's fragile tea service
Prunes served up, that man in high spirits SERAPHIM
Right about costume REDRESS
Sash of brown, indigo tops OBI
Sign a certain captain has turned up OMEN
Start putting on clothes for sport SHOWJUMPING
Sweet, own scent AFTERSHAVE
Veteran comatose as one drags chains in SEASONED
What almost destroyed west London district WALTHAMSTOW
Yours truly, a snooty type, reviewed Japanese art BONSAI