The Washington Post Sunday - May 24 2020

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Clues Answers
'Boy' or 'girl' preceder ATTA
'Captain's Peril' co-author William SHATNER
'Good ___' POINT
'Haste makes ___' ASTEW
'Hold ___ your butts' ('Jurassic Park' line) ONTO
'I urge you all ... to love each other without restraint. Unless you're into leather. Then by all means, use restraints' speaker Margaret CHO
'I'd be glad to help!' NOPROB
'Impetuous young boy' of 'Monster Mash' IGOR
'It burns!' YEOW
'Move it, varmint!' GIT
'Nightswimming' rockers REM
'Of course!' ISURECAN
'The Night Circus' writer Morgenstern ERIN
'The wonder of all things,' per some translations of Lao Tzu TAO
16th letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet PAPA
Absorbent implement MOP
Accept eagerly EMBRACE
Acting Ken or Lena LION
Akita agreement HAI
Animal collective HERD
Attempt to persuade COAX
Between, pour moi ENTRE
Blood of the gods CHOIR
Botanical wall art plant MOSS
Box of bocks, say CASE
Bridge materials? CARDS
Certain tank descriptor SEPTIC
Cleared for departure? EXCUSED
Concern for the Union of Concerned Scientists CLIMATE
Concerning element of home inspections ADORN
Cooing creature DOVE
Curly style PERM
Dance music style popularized by Pérez Prado THEMAMBO
Disappearing lakes, e.g MIRAGES
Dollar : United States :: kip : ___ LAOS
Dozed for a bit APPEND
Drying cloth DISHRAG
Eponym of the Sports Scholar Awards from Diverse: Issues in Higher Education ASHE
Equidae family member ASS
Except SAVE
Experiences decay ROTS
Fall behind, say OWE
Fill in un océano AGUA
Flower with a 'Fragrant Cloud' cultivar TEAROSE
Focus of one's enmity FOE
Food brand named for two neighboring states OREIDA
For each one APIECE
Force wielders of film SITH
From this point on ... and a phrase that explains (and is spelled out by) the 12 shifted first letters in this puzzle GOINGFORWARD
Gambling game AFRO
Getaway LAM
Gets by observation SENSES
GhostCircus Apparel designer ___ James ELI
Gives a pass to, say COMPS
Glossy curtain fabric SATIN
Gmail folder heading SENT
Golden ___ (Temple Run treasure) IDOL
GPS approximation ETA
Guided LED
Guy who directed the 2019 'Aladdin' remake ITCHIER
Has high hopes SPIREAS
High bridge VIADUCT
Holed up? POROUS
Home of the Dez Dam IRAN
How aliens may come, per some sci-fi tropes INPEACE
Hyundai model that mixes up the letters of 112 Down and 66 Across ELANTRA
Idris who played Macavity the Mystery Cat in 'Cats' ELBA
In a bit, in an ode ANON
Journey respites STOPS
Clues Answers
Kunis of 'Black Swan' MILA
Like flagged football formations ILLEGAL
Like life granted by the Holy Grail ETERNAL
Like old astronomical models positing that the sun revolves around Earth EGOCENTRIC
Like salmon OILY
Loud speakers on stage, perhaps HAMS
Louisa May Alcott character portrayed in an Oscar-nominated role by Florence Pugh AMYMARCH
Malicious look LEER
Many a millennial in the early 2000s TEEN
Many athletes' barriers NETS
Med. care sites ERS
Moves stealthily CREEPS
NBA Hall of Famer Pippen SCOTTIE
Negation word NOR
Obsequious employee YESMAN
One earning strike pay? PITCHER
One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers of Cath. tradition STELMO
Opposite of busy IDLE
Order to an Akita SIT
Oval section ARC
Pandora-based film AVATAR
Passion personified EROS
Pavement hazard POTHOLE
People person? STAR
Post cereal advertised as 'the stuff breakfast dreams are made of' OREOOS
Punching gadget AWL
Range orphan DOGIE
Rap battle VIPs MCS
Reform? MUTATE
Refuse to give up? TRASH
Requiring recovery HURT
Scatters about STREWS
See 112 Down LATE
See 5 Down CREAM
Served a sentence ONETIMED
She played Barbara in 1990s SNL sketches CHERI
Ship's crew TARS
Shredded, as cheese RATEDG
Single-___ plastics USE
Site for frequent fliers? AVIARY
Slammed in tribute ROASTED
Smashing success? ACE
Snatch NAB
Soap actress Davidson EILEEN
Sound in a field MOO
Source of a drumroll SNARE
Stone found in the Australian mining town of Lightning Ridge OPAL
Stuffs SATES
Subject of an early 2000s collapse ENRON
Sunken place CRATER
Sweat spot BROW
Taj Mahotsav festival city AGRA
Temporary INTERIM
That, in poetry YON
The state of 'State Fair' IOWA
Theater honors OBIES
They move around ORBITERS
Tunes out IGNORES
Undiluted, in mixology NEAT
Unlocks PEONS
Utilize a theoretical cloaking device, say VANISH
Ward of 'The Guardian' SELA
Weapon in film noir GAT
Western show business? SALOON
What a shredder shreds SHEET
With 66 Across, fell behind RAN
With 79 Down, shake stuff ICE
Work in a theater DRAMA
World of Warcraft being ELF