New York Times - May 23 2020

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Clues Answers
'By the way,' e.g SEGUE
'Hot' thing TAMALE
'Row, Row, Row Your Boat,' for one ROUND
'Understood' ROGERTHAT
'Well, of course!' DUH
'___ Gitano,' Spanish-language hit for Beyoncé and Alejandro Fernández AMOR
A male one is a jack ASS
Abbr. of interest APR
Amazon icon CART
Appear SEEM
Auto correction TUNEUP
Bar supply KEGS
Big purchaser of scanners, in brief TSA
Black ___ OPS
Bound to follow LEGALLIMIT
Bring into existence ERECT
Brooks, for example MEL
Brought into existence SIRED
Completely HEADTOTOE
Composer Bruckner ANTON
Cut scene? SALON
Dish often topped with goat cheese and cranberries KALESALAD
Eight-related OCTAL
End of many a co. name LTD
Expands ADDSTO
February honoree STVALENTINE
Festival observed every October 31 to November 2 DIADELOSMUERTOS
Figureheads? MATHLETES
First name at Springfield Elementary EDNA
Food for a brown bear TROUT
Generator's output HUM
Get ready for action SUITUP
Head overseas TETE
Held eye contact for too long, say MADEITWEIRD
Clues Answers
Indicator of a note's duration, on a score DOT
It gets a licking CONE
It's named for the Norse god of war: Abbr TUES
Machine shop essential MILL
Makes red in the face? SLAPS
Mini WEE
Name derived from the Greek for 'holy' AGNES
Narrow escapes CLOSESHAVES
Not watertight POROUS
One meaning of a raised index finger CHECKPLEASE
Part of NATO: Abbr ORG
Peter preceder, in a phonetic alphabet OBOE
Port Sudan is on it REDSEA
Question from someone waving across a crowded room SEEME
Quote from Homer DOH
R, in a postal abbreviation RHODE
Red states, once USSR
Renaissance family name ESTE
Reprimand to the overly speedy ITSNOTARACE
Santa ___ ANA
Sending to the cloud, e.g UPLOADING
Shortened again OER
Slightly off ABITSTRANGE
Some A.B.A. members DAS
Something to do for peace SUE
Sound name PUGET
Source of some bubbles ASTI
Timor-___ (U.N. member since 2002) LESTE
Water monitor, for short EPA
Word often followed by a Roman numeral ACT
World capital where the language Ga is spoken ACCRA
___ Lawson, W.N.B.A. star-turned-coach for the Boston Celtics KARA
___-di-dah LAH
___-weekly ALT