Wall Street Journal - May 23 2020 - Where Am I?

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Clues Answers
“Aladdin” monkey ABU
“Congress shall make ___...” NOLAW
“M*A*S*H” role RADAR
“Say it ain’t so!” OHNO
“Swan Lake” role ODETTE
“The apes’ planet is Earth,” e.g SPOILER
“The Two ___” (Martha Finley book) ELSIES
2019 Oscar-winning portrayer of Judy RENEE
Aided, with “over” TIDED
Alumna bio word NEE
Available FREE
Baseball stats that are better when lower ERAS
Battlezone maker ATARI
Beatles song “___ in the Life” ADAY
Bed Bath & Beyond buy SHEETS
Bickering ATIT
Bills in tills ONES
Bit of a wait WHILE
Bit of jurist jargon LEGALISM
Block side STREET
Blow away AWE
Bohemian ARTY
Breaks, say TAMES
Bring in NET
Brown hue UMBER
Calls for help CRIESOUT
Canal site EAR
Carpool lane letters HOV
Chart type PIE
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Clobbered SMOTE
Come down hard POUR
Controversial hit man PETEROSE
Corp. money managers CFOS
Coxcomb FOP
Crew tool OAR
Crunch targets ABS
D.C. baseballer NAT
Dad’s rival HIRES
Dam city ASWAN
Debate position PRO
Deep-seated ENROOTED
Diamond club BAT
Directional suffix ERN
Doctrine TENET
Dorothy Parker quality WIT
Downward dog, for one ASANA
Eugene O’Neill’s daughter OONA
Expert witnesses at murder trials CORONERS
Fantine’s daughter in “Les Misérables” COSETTE
Feature of a high-numbered pool ball STRIPE
Fluff that might trigger an allergy CATHAIR
Fresh from the shower WET
Frigid finish AIRE
Gene in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame PITNEY
General in gray LEE
German automaker OPEL
Gilbert and Sullivan performance OPERETTA
Given, personally HANDEDTO
GPS suggestion RTE
Heart’s parts ATRIA
Hopeful start? AITCH
Jazz lover, probably UTAHAN
JFK served in it USN
KLM announcement ETA
Last Supper attendee APOSTLE
Clues Answers
Layers of stones MASONS
Letters on shoe boxes WIDTHS
Light show AURORA
Like St. Paul’s DOMED
Live it up REVEL
Look in on DROPBY
Loosefitting shirt CAMISE
Maker of night flights OWL
Makes a bad call MISRULES
Mariner’s measure SEAMILE
May or Major, e.g TORY
Memorization method ROTE
MGM motto word ARS
Miami team, familiarly CANES
Moonmate of Buzz NEIL
Mountain road shape ESS
Muscle quality TONE
News bit ITEM
Not a good looker LEERER
Parisian way RUE
Phone fillers APPS
Pilgrim’s destination SHRINE
Poker variant STUD
Poker variant ANACONDA
Pond buildup ALGAE
Prior to, to Prior ERE
Quick hit SWAT
Really bothered ATEAT
Rent out LET
Restaurant opening? OVENDOOR
Right-leaning? ITALIC
Sci-fi movie feature EFFECTS
Scientist Lavoisier ANTOINE
Scruff NAPE
Semicircular shape CEE
She played June to Joaquin’s Johnny REESE
Sign of summer LEO
Signal of insight AHA
Simple question type YESNO
Site with 191 gates OHARE
Soprano Lehmann LOTTE
Spherical ORBED
Square, in old slang LSEVEN
Straight dope TRUTH
Straight, for short HET
Stress removers EASERS
Sundial numeral VII
Tennis great Gibson ALTHEA
Texas leaguer? ASTRO
Theater awards since 1956 OBIES
They may precede dilations EYETESTS
They’re protected by the FDIC ACCTS
Tons of treasure TROVES
Treat shabbily USE
Turned right GEED
Twisty fish EELS
VCR button FWD
Venusian, e.g ALIEN
Victoria’s husband ALBERT
What the nose knows AROMA
Where to find a camel blanket? OVERTHEHUMP
Where to find a church ceiling? ABOVETHEFOLD
Where to find a list of supporting players? BENEATHTHESTARS
Where to find Adam and Eve? INTHEFIRSTPLACE
Where to find an offensive tackle? NEARTHEEND
Where to find Bono? CLOSETOTHEEDGE
Where to find the conductor’s baton? BYTHESCORE
Where to find the Washington Post’s circulation? BEHINDTHETIMES
Where to find winter on a calendar? AFTERTHEFALL
___ blazes HOTAS