The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,441 - May 22 2020

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Clues Answers
& 23 Across England captain quits after poor scores summarised by this statistic? ROOTMEAN
At different volumes, two tunes go by the book PLAYFAIR
Bishop close to accepting crown off Chancellor, European BERKELEY
Come together, ready to cook? PANOUT
Days, weeks, months passing by TIMES
Extremists will desert EU, old chap RUSSELL
Failure to decide about new uniform again did puzzle Head UNRESOLVEDNESS
Fundamental for business keeping watch chains ALBERT
House number kept under wraps by owner HANOVER
How Helmholtz liked being brought chemists' notes and other such principles! ELEMENTS
In which Merlin's mostly enveloped by a little smoke in turn? MAGIC
London station lifts back out of action! EUSTON
Lose waves fixing a new gel for Hooray Henry? SLOANE
Objects of Greek lasses' fancy when dining on Neapolitan chicken? APOLLOS
Clues Answers
Obstructing mum and dad with child? INTHEFAMILYWAY
Part of address that's ignored? Half of it ATSIGN
Promise jointly kept by law and order? WORD
See 10 Across SQUARE
Stress to newspaper staff it's me handling scoops IMPRESSON
The setter's two older relatives climbing mountain NANDADEVI
To let Blair loose without constraints, they must accept it HIRABLE
Town on Thames newly laid out in east? South! STAINES
Two 23s Brock's found here? SETT
Unbearded ducks shot in low season marinaded AWNLESS
What priest might deliver en route back from Las Palmas? PSALM
What's learner doing now? Language LATIN
Wicket! That is Broad, superlatively! WIDEST
You shouldn't have high-fliers broadcast Islamic divorces TALAQS