The Washington Post - May 22 2020

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Clues Answers
'Buh-bye!' CIAO
'Heat of the Moment' band ASIA
'I'd like to know more' FILLMEIN
'In thy dreams!' NEER
'Nessun dorma,' e.g ARIA
'Odyssey' enchantress CIRCE
'That hurts!' YEOW
'The Hunger Games' president SNOW
'The Phantom Tollbooth' protagonist MILO
'Whatevs' IMEASY
Antepenultimate Greek letter CHI
Are in the past? WERE
Attend alone GOSTAG
Be indisposed AIL
Beer-making ingredient YEAST
Benefit AID
Bloom support STEM
Capital of Cuba PESO
Communication device with a fancy patterned case? TIGEREYEPHONE
Comprehends SEES
Comprehends GETS
Conference giveaways SWAG
Connect with TIETO
Cool kin NEATO
Country between China and India NEPAL
Dinner party insert LEAF
Donut features HOLES
Drama honor OBIE
Equine parent SIRE
Erato, for one MUSE
Exploit FEAT
FDR 'fair practices' agency NRA
Geekiest of geeks UBERNERD
Imbibed in small doses DIDSHOTS
Insurance giant AETNA
Iowa campus COE
Irritated SORE
IV site ICU
Clues Answers
Jackson of country ALAN
Loud sound ROAR
Misses the mark ERRS
Namesake of a speed ratio MACH
NBC show with many Second City alumni SNL
Newcastle Brown __ ALE
Nixon or Agnew, once VEEP
Nutrition for a leading insect? QUEENBEEVITAMIN
Ocean shade AQUA
Office chore EMAIL
Old Northwest competitor USAIR
One studying the waters near England? IRISHSEASTUDENT
Only 21st-century four-time World Series champs, on scoreboards BOS
Parisian friend AMIE
Part of a Chinese restaurant's expenses? OOLONGTEABILL
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
People pairs, say ITEMS
Place for a phone no IDTAG
Playhouse locale, perhaps TREE
Public relations specialty SPIN
Radio switch AMFM
Roeper's former partner EBERT
Rookie, briefly NEWB
Speed __ TRAP
State with a Sawtooth Range IDAHO
Storage structure SILO
Street on TV since 1969 SESAME
Swindles REAMS
Tampa NFLers BUCS
There are two pennies in a classic one ADAGE
Unpleasant look LEER
Unwanted spots ACNE
URL addresses IPS
Value system ETHIC
Word with wing or life SPAN