USA Today - Jul 1 2020

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Clues Answers
'Ain't happening' NOPE
'Holy Toledo!' MAN
'Modern Family' actress Winter ARIEL
'The Lovebirds' star Rae ISSA
'___ Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself' MRS
Adelaide-born pop singer SIA
Airport with many layovers HUB
Aisle ___ SEAT
Appreciative verses ODES
Asset for a comedian TIMING
Bandage brand ACE
Bit of advancement INROAD
Bit of publicity PLUG
Blocking of the sun's light by the moon SOLARECLIPSE
Blowhard's problem EGO
Broadway star Stroker ALI
Change direction PIVOT
Compete VIE
Crunches strengthen them ABS
Design detail, for short SPEC
Desktop computer brand IMAC
Eagle or kite BIRD
Excess GLUT
Experience 3-Down RELIVE
Film editor Schoonmaker THELMA
Flow back EBB
Free-roaming horse MUSTANG
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Insects with a carpenter variety ANTS
Is really good SLAPS
It usually bursts after a few seconds SOAPBUBBLE
Job title for Emmanuelle Alt EDITOR
Jump shot trajectories ARCS
Kept under wraps SATON
Like mooncakes RICH
Like skinny jeans SNUG
Like some cheddar SHARP
Like some storage devices SOLIDSTATE
Clues Answers
Like the haka MAORI
Lion feature MANE
Little devil IMP
Low-pitched electronic noise BLOOP
Made-up names ALIASES
Medjool ___ (sweet fruit) DATE
Mule's mother MARE
Nickname that links R and V STU
Olivia's father on 'Scandal' ELI
One more time AGAIN
Operating system developed at Bell Labs UNIX
Period in office TERM
Place to get a sandwich DELI
Pocket bread PITA
Poet Gallagher TESS
Pole on a ship MAST
Potato, e.g TUBER
Prejudice BIAS
Prognosticate PREDICT
Prominent NOTED
Signals that become greens REDS
Silly pranks CAPERS
Skunk's home DEN
Slip away from EVADE
Slip away from ELUDE
Soccer great Wambach ABBY
Som tam cuisine THAI
Some are pierced EARS
Soprano's showcase ARIA
Source of 'shtick' and 'schmooze' YIDDISH
Synagogue leader RABBI
Tale spanning centuries, perhaps SAGA
Wedding words IDO
What some buns are made of HAIR
___ chic BOHO
___ oil CANOLA
___-door neighbor NEXT