Universal - May 14 2020

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Clues Answers
"Bless you!" elicitor ACHOO
"I don't give ___!" ARAP
"I've ___!" ("Enough is enough!") HADIT
"Not a big fan" MEH
"Psst!" HEY
"Same here!" DITTO
"___ Poetica" ARS
(I'm so shocked!) GASP
*Realistically representing everyday events SLICEOFLIFE
*Seder plate item that isn't for eating SHANKBONE
*Sign flashed at a University of Texas game HOOKEMHORNS
*You might open a window for one WHIFFOFFRESHAIR
Arizona-to-Kansas dir ENE
Beyonce, to Jay-Z WIFE
Cargo measures TONS
Center of power LOCUS
Coffeehouse dispensers URNS
Comedian Wong ALI
Company that owns Blogger GOOGLE
Deep Blue's creator IBM
Does some lawn repair SODS
Elect to participate OPTIN
Fails to include OMITS
Fish never served raw EEL
Furious with MADAT
Game console hidden in "Genesis" NES
Garlicky spread AIOLI
Gem State capital BOISE
Gin mixer TONIC
Good to have around OFUSE
Greek salad tidbit OLIVE
Grp. with co-pays HMO
Had dumplings, say ATE
Island with a lagoon ATOLL
Jam-pack STUFF
Lard, e.g FAT
Leave wide-eyed AWE
Like Mr. Clean and Captain Picard BALD
Major uncertainties BIGIFS
Clues Answers
Make inquiries ASK
Many a CEO's degree MBA
Massage venues SPAS
Michelle who led the Let's Move! campaign OBAMA
Miffed, with "off" TEED
No longer trendy PASSE
Not domestic: Abbr INTL
Org. for Lions and Vikings NFC
Pale-looking PASTY
Particle such as H+ ION
Pen brand BIC
Perch or sole FISH
Perfect scores for gymnasts TENS
Polar present producer ELF
Postal crime MAILFRAUD
Rio Grande feeder PECOS
Roller derby needs SKATES
Second person YOU
Selena Gomez, for Selenators IDOL
Shots one may take after the starred answers' starts MULLIGANS
Small amount BIT
Some Taiwanese tablets ACERS
Staple in Chinese cooking PEANUTOIL
Start of many titles THE
Steep face CLIFF
Subj. for some immigrants ESL
Surge on Wall Street RALLY
Surprising win UPSET
Taj Express destination AGRA
Tallahassee sch FSU
Uncouth type BRUTE
Unpaid seasonal deliveryman? SANTA
Wall-climbing plants IVIES
Wide-mouthed jug EWER
Woolly pack animal ALPACA
___ art (computer character images) ASCII
___ New Guinea PAPUA
___ Ricans COSTA
___-control SELF