- May 6 2020

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Clues Answers
''Cars'' animation studio PIXAR
''Welcome to Hawaii!'' ALOHA
2 for 8, 3 for 27, etc CUBEROOTS
5/6 of a dozen TEN
Above OVER
Actress Thurman UMA
Agree (to) ASSENT
Arm drawings, for short TATS
Author Wiesel ELIE
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Battery terminal ANODE
Bird that hoots OWL
Blend with a spoon STIR
Bottoms of feet SOLES
Brewpub serving ALE
Cartoonist's liquid INK
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Contributor to a charity DONOR
Deer defenses ANTLERS
Devoured ATEUP
Enthusiastic AVID
Evaluated RATED
Explorer __ the Red ERIC
Fairy tale beast OGRE
Fey of ''30 Rock'' TINA
Florida Keys, for instance ISLETS
Foreshadowing sign OMEN
Foul-smelling FETID
Get out of bed ARISE
Get __ of (throw out) RID
Give a quiz to TEST
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Gunky stuff SLIME
Had the opinion FELT
Hoedown lass GAL
Homework assigner TEACHER
Inert gas in the air ARGON
Jotted down NOTED
Large marching band instruments TUBAS
Clues Answers
Leave high and dry STRAND
Leave out OMIT
Less decorated BARER
Liver secretion BILE
Make a change to ALTER
Make sharper WHET
Many a Meccan ARAB
Mattress support BOXSPRING
Middling poker pair NINES
Minor obstacles SNAGS
Monastery head ABBOT
More challenging HARDER
Not brushed off recently DUSTY
Orthodontists' org ADA
Person from Edinburgh SCOT
Phrase on a penny ONECENT
Piece of a chain LINK
Plainly drawn A or B BLOCKLETTER
Polynesian figurine TIKI
River near the Sphinx NILE
Roll of sticky cellophane TAPE
Romania neighbor SERBIA
Shears sound SNIP
Shelled out SPENT
Solo of ''Star Wars'' HAN
Space aliens: Abbr ETS
Sport on horseback POLO
Spreadsheet info DATA
States confidently ASSERTS
Tear apart REND
Tesla head Musk ELON
Very slightly ABIT
Video-streaming device ROKU
Was nosy PRIED
Well-mannered woman LADY
Wilde character Gray DORIAN
Wisconsin dairy product BRICKCHEESE
__ Lee cakes SARA
__ of measure (pound or mile) UNIT