The Washington Post - Apr 20 2020

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Clues Answers
'The old-fashioned way' to make money, in an old ad EARNIT
'This doesn't look good!' UHOH
2010 Apple debut IPAD
Alabama seaport MOBILE
Ancient Roman orator CICERO
Auction-ending word SOLD
Beatles' '__ the Walrus' IAM
Before, in verse ERE
Bikini top BRA
Blazing AFIRE
Blueprint detail, briefly SPEC
Butter serving PAT
Captain Marvel's magic word SHAZAM
Chess game blunder BADMOVE
Chewing __ GUM
Color of Hester Prynne's 'A' RED
Come to a close END
Crete's highest pt MTIDA
Daunting exam ORAL
Desert illusion MIRAGE
Devious SLY
Fairway club IRON
First game in a series OPENER
Formally hand over CEDE
Frantic rush, or a hint to each set of circles MADSCRAMBLE
Full of pluck GRITTY
Geese flight formation VEE
Gloomy thinkers BROODERS
Great Lakes natives for whom an Ohio county is named MIAMIS
Hair-stiffening stuff GEL
Hastily donned THREWON
Hawaiian welcome LEI
Implore BEG
Irreverent Don of talk radio IMUS
Like a versatile wardrobe MIXANDMATCH
Little hill crawler ANT
Make, as tea BREW
Clues Answers
Mark of Zorro ZEE
Mind-matter link OVER
Mission priest PADRE
Not ready to eat, as fruit UNRIPE
Online 'Ha-ha!' LOL
Open spaces GAPS
Partner for the big high school dance PROMDATE
Pen for porkers PIGSTY
Physicist Einstein ALBERT
Place for a bud or a plug EAR
Puerto __ RICO
Quaint curse POX
R.E.M. frontman Michael STIPE
Reason-based faith DEISM
Roman emperor for three months OTHO
Romance writer Roberts NORA
Seafood item needing to be cracked CRABLEG
Seafood-based party bowlful CLAMDIP
Sis' sib BRO
Sniggler's catch EELS
Solves, with 'out' FIGURES
Sub detection device SONAR
Sushi tuna AHI
Tablet download APP
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Tax whiz, briefly CPA
The 'E' in Q.E.D ERAT
Three-legged piano GRAND
Turnpike division LANE
Unhip type NERD
Up-and-down playground fixture SEESAW
UPS competitor DHL
View with interest PEERAT
War movie scene BATTLE
Way to get in ENTRY
WWII naval threat UBOAT
Young women GIRLS
__ marsala: Italian restaurant choice VEAL