Wall Street Journal - Apr 6 2020 - Keep Going!

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Clues Answers
1974 Beach Boys compilation album ENDLESSSUMMER
Abbr. on an office memo ATTN
Apple tablet IPAD
As blind as ___ ABAT
Begin a golf hole TEEOFF
Betray to Mom, say SQUEALON
Cast member ACTOR
City on Florida’s gulf coast TAMPA
Competitive personality classification TYPEA
Crustacean with pincers CRAB
Deep voice BASS
Denomination-free postage FOREVERSTAMPS
Denver hrs MST
Expert of IRS forms CPA
Eye part RETINA
Fill completely SATE
Finishing role at the bakery ICER
Friendly feeling AMITY
From Machu Picchu INCAN
Furious feeling IRE
Give a makeover REDO
Glider over the snow SLED
Goody-two-shoes PRISS
Greta Thunberg’s “No One ___ Small to Make a Difference” ISTOO
Group with torches and pitchforks ANGRYMOB
Ham it up EMOTE
High point ACME
Husk-wrapped Mexican food TAMALE
Instrument at a luau UKE
Iodine-rich seaweed KELP
Justice Alito SAMUEL
Kidney-related RENAL
Largish singing groups SEPTETS
Let in ADMIT
Like all four sides of a square EQUAL
Literary trope involving three lovers ETERNALTRIANGLE
Long time EON
Clues Answers
Makes a profit GAINS
Makeup of some countertops GRANITE
New York Iroquoians ERIES
Newspaper part PAGE
Org. opposed to fur PETA
Part of a pirate costume BOOTS
Period of history AGE
Person propelling a punt POLER
Pet food brand IAMS
Pharmacy amounts DOSES
Pitcher from the bullpen RELIEVER
Pizza box contents PIE
Place to imbibe while commuting BARCAR
Plane assignment SEAT
Poker payment ANTE
Prefix with surgeon or toxin NEURO
Prenatal test, for short AMNIO
Radius and ulna, for two BONES
Recede, as the tide EBB
Sandy’s comment to Little Orphan Annie ARF
Sch. fundraising group PTA
Senses of self EGOS
Some exams and some elections MIDTERMS
Soup buy CAN
Spectrum color RED
Sport with heavy competitors SUMO
Sportscaster Berman LEN
Spot for filming SET
Store event SALE
Sue Grafton’s “N Is for ___” NOOSE
Time to give up? LENT
Tumbler, for example GLASS
Tuscan city SIENA
Wild guess STAB
Without concealment OPENLY
Writes “rights” for “rites” ERRS