New York Times - Mar 18 2020

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Clues Answers
'For sure' NODOUBT
'Hey, let me be the first to tell you ...' NEWSFLASH
'Hmm, I don't think so' NAH
'Sign me up!' IMIN
'Snakes ___ Plane' (2006 film) ONA
10001, 10002, etc., informally ZIPS
Abbr. before an alias AKA
Annual tennis or golf championship USOPEN
Astronaut Shepard, first American in space ALAN
Automaton of folklore GOLEM
Be punished (for) PAY
Benefit GAIN
Called balls and strikes UMPED
Called off ENDED
Cheer from the stands RAH
Colors HUES
Daisy ___ (character who loved Li'l Abner) MAE
Deliver a stemwinder ORATE
Detective Wolfe NERO
Exam in an interior design class? TASTEFULTEST
Exercise USE
Fifth book of the New Testament ACTS
Figure in Santa's workshop ELF
Friend for Philippe AMI
Gay rights or climate change CAUSE
Give off EMIT
Great distress WOE
Greek god who fought with the mortal Hercules ARES
Grizzlies that don't fall for traps? CAREFULBEARS
Had high hopes DREAMED
Harebrained DAFT
Having footwear SHOD
Introductory scene in some rom-coms MEETCUTE
It'll give you a shock TASER
Lead-in to China INDO
Less fresh STALER
Lid, so to speak HAT
Like almost 0% of tarantula bites FATAL
Clues Answers
Like blue moons RARE
Like some salmon that's not baked or broiled PANSEARED
Like some spicy food THAI
Many a time OFTEN
Mexican dish prepared in a cornhusk TAMALE
Nation whose flag is a white cross on a red background DENMARK
Neighbor of F1 and a tilde ESC
Neither feminine nor masculine NEUTER
One giving directions to a tourist, say LOCAL
Orchard pest FRUITFLY
Ore source LODE
Org. that collects 1099s IRS
Outer edge of a golf club TOE
Pinch NIP
Prefix with space AERO
Rat-___ ATAT
Reactions to gut punches OOFS
Removes, as from a club OUSTS
Shade akin to turquoise TEAL
Shift and Tab, for two KEYS
Singer Luis with the 13x platinum hit 'Despacito' FONSI
Small set FEW
Spree TOOT
Subj. of the federal tax form 5498 IRA
Surrealist Maar DORA
Team spirit MORALE
Terrible attempts at peeling corn? AWFULSHUCKS
Thurman of 'Pulp Fiction' UMA
Up the ___ ANTE
Vegetable that's frequently fried OKRA
What to do after saying grace EAT
Where a pant leg and a sock meet ANKLE
Wonder Woman, for Gal Gadot ROLE
Word before system or panel SOLAR
Write the book on, so to speak EXCELAT
Writer who went through hell? DANTE
Zombies with a sense of humor? PLAYFULDEAD
___ 51 AREA
___ dispenser PEZ