USA Today - May 11 2020

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Clues Answers
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' weapon STAKE
'Code Name Verity' genre SPYFICTION
'Look here . . .' SEE
'Peace!' BYE
'Sweet outfit!' LOOKINGSHARP
'Tearin' Up My Heart' boy band NSYNC
'The greatest teacher, failure is' speaker YODA
'___ Marmalade' (No. 1 hit in 1974 and 2001) LADY
19-Across attachment REEL
Active Italian volcano ETNA
Apple music devices IPODS
Be adjacent ABUT
Birthing companion DOULA
Black-and-white whale ORCA
Blow away IMPRESS
Boundary EDGE
Card game subtitled 'The Gathering' MAGIC
Cause of some trips LSD
Chows down EATS
Coffee break time, perhaps TENAM
Concept IDEA
Couch SOFA
Dance with a guaguanco style RUMBA
Debate ARGUE
Drinks from pots TEAS
Enthusiast FAN
Exam type ORAL
Factor of this clue number EIGHT
Faux ___ PAS
Fishing pole ROD
Fixer-___ UPPER
Froth FOAM
Garment worn by Fred in 'Scooby-Doo' ASCOT
Genre for HAWA RAP
Gives up CEDES
Global finance org IMF
Gorilla, for one APE
Green New Deal legislator from the Bronx, for short AOC
Clues Answers
Group for people 50 and up AARP
Grumpy sort CRAB
Hall of Famer, say ICON
How bedtime stories are read ALOUD
It might be dotted LINE
Item in a shed TOOL
Lhasa ___ APSO
Like some lashes FALSE
Many pub quiz team names PUNS
Marvel god who faces Ragnarok THOR
Mess up ERR
Metaphor for intense focus LASER
Money in Marseille EUROS
Move sneakily SKULK
Nickelodeon title character who's friends with Skeeter DOUG
Oil grp OPEC
One more than 32-Down NINE
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Only person to win the Nobel Prize in two different scientific fields MARIECURIE
Open ___ night MIC
Out of juice DEAD
Pacific or Atlantic OCEAN
Place for a thorn STEM
Protection for a knight PLATEARMOR
Rainbow shape ARC
Remove from office OUST
Repetitive person BROKENRECORD
Require NEED
Righteous Babe Records founder DiFranco ANI
Sign on a broken machine OUTOFORDER
Spanish for 'water' AGUA
State home to Heat and Rays FLORIDA
Structure on a ship's bottom KEEL
The ___ State (Hawaii) ALOHA
Touched down ALIT
Undesired stocking stuffer COAL
Word after 'third' or 'toga' PARTY
Ziti or farfalle PASTA
___ your time BIDE