New York Times - Mar 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'A Doll's House' playwright Henrik IBSEN
'At Wit's End' humorist Bombeck ERMA
'Forget about it!' ... or a clue to the starts of 20-, 27- and 47-Across NOTHINGDOING
'Get real, for heaven's sake!' SNAPOUTOFIT
'Krazy ___' KAT
'Somehow it all gets done' IMANAGE
'The Godfather' crowd MAFIA
'Who am ___ judge?' ITO
'___ Superman!' ITS
'___ the land of the free ...' OER
10:1, e.g RATIO
Actress Loughlin of 'Full House' LORI
Actress Spelling of 'Beverly Hills 90210' TORI
Actress Thurman UMA
Airer of '48 Hours' and '60 Minutes' CBS
Airline that doesn't schedule flights on Shabbat ELAL
Airport bummer DELAY
Applied Clairol to, perhaps DYED
At the home of: Fr CHEZ
Benjamin Netanyahu's nickname BIBI
Bingo-like casino game KENO
Bottom half of a 45 BSIDE
Brand of taco shells and salsas ORTEGA
Bruce Wayne's home, for one MANOR
Butane-filled item for smokers ZIPPOLIGHTER
Casino cube DIE
Clearasil target, in slang ZIT
Clue for the clueless HINT
Communication means for the deaf, for short ASL
Con's opposite PRO
Crunchy, as carrots RAW
Exercises that work the glutes, quads and abs SQUATJUMPS
Final Greek letter OMEGA
Funeral vehicle HEARSE
Genre for Cardi B and Nicki Minaj HIPHOP
Get taller GROW
Greg ___, three-time Tour de France winner LEMOND
Clues Answers
Handhold for a rock climber CRAG
How thumbs are twiddled IDLY
Indication that it's time to take out the trash ODOR
Inscribe, as on a trophy ETCH
Keep on the shelves STOCK
Kind of personality a go-getter has TYPEA
Kind of rock for which New Hampshire is known GRANITE
Lawyer's document BRIEF
Long, long time EON
Male turkey TOM
May or June gown wearer GRAD
Middle of the face NOSE
Mom's mom NANA
Not give ___ (not care) ARAP
Old Russian ruler CZAR
One living under a bridge, in fairy tales TROLL
Pinch pennies SKIMP
Profs' aides TAS
Resident of Doha QATARI
Rock music subgenre EMO
Runway walker MODEL
Russian refusal NYET
See 36-Across ODOM
Singer of 'Let It Go' in Disney's 'Frozen' ELSA
Someone who might say 'There, there' SYMPATHIZER
Star of Broadway's 'Fiddler on the Roof' ZEROMOSTEL
Stiffly formal PRIM
Teenage witch of TV SABRINA
Tilted, as printed letters ITALIC
To the ___ degree NTH
True-blue LOYAL
Was in first place LED
Website with a 'Buy It Now' option EBAY
Wedding vow IDO
Went 'Hello ... ello ... llo ... lo ...' ECHOED
With 44-Across, N.B.A. player once married to a Kardashian LAMAR
___ Pérignon DOM
___ Tolkien, author of 'The Lord of the Rings' JRR