The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,042 - Feb 9 2020

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Clues Answers
A Brit somewhere in the Home Counties ASCOT
Approach step that's pronounced STYLE
Beat after working out ONSTRIKE
Blunder boss detailed GAFFE
Book reader insults a novel TREASUREISLAND
Catch slow mover initially dropping off? NAIL
Dominance shown, quick to maintain edge PRIMACY
Don't panic -- and don't shave! KEEPYOURHAIRON
Endless uncooked food served up, sadly ALAS
Escape eagle circling around a kid's head LEAKAGE
Exist alongside tree, perhaps MAYBE
French mark I called squiggly CEDILLA
Hard business FIRM
If retired, live somewhere warm and comfortable FIRESIDE
In change of gear, metal switched for stone GRANITE
Instrument that may be vital? ORGAN
Clues Answers
Lottery that doesn't have a winner DRAW
Maiden on my arm, courtship foolish, all concluding NYMPH
Met up for coffee DECAF
Method of transport making one complain persistently RAIL
More foamy like that, a breakwater perhaps SOAPIER
Oil found in herbal medicine BALM
One giving little away, more difficult to grasp last part of manifesto HOARDER
One stirring up cream, say, added to fish a little squirt! WHIPPERSNAPPER
Phenomenal in deep space, perhaps? OUTOFTHISWORLD
Piano with two notes before first performance PREMIERE
Release harvest bundle, did you say? BAIL
Six wheels for minister VICAR
Slight hiccup over exercise initially for trainer, perhaps? SHOE
Sound of mild explosion: a shot, I gathered, ending in salvo ATISHOO
Threesome employed as computer technicians in test TRINITY
VIPs cover undergarments with cardigans, for example TOPBRASS