L.A. Times Daily - Feb 14 2020

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Clues Answers
"Beavis and Butt-head" spin-off DARIA
"Brideshead Revisited" novelist WAUGH
"You __ busted!" ARESO
"You're kidding!" EGAD
"__ Mio" OSOLE
1980s attorney general MEESE
A Gabor sister EVA
Acts of faith? LEAPS
Adriatic port BARI
Assortment ARRAY
Attach with string TIEON
Avian crop CRAW
Be paid to watch, as children SITFOR
Bend ARC
Bickering ATIT
Brain and spinal cord: Abbr CNS
Caroline Islands republic PALAU
Classic sci-fi villain VADER
Club with a blue and white diamond logo SAMS
Coming-in hr., roughly ETA
Cope with HACK
Deep-water fish OPAH
Defense attorney's concern TRIALDATE
Dept. head MGR
Disease-stricken tree ELM
Dost speak SAYST
End of the quote DOESNTHURT
ER diagnostic tool CTSCAN
Face off VIE
Guacamole fruit AVOCADO
Hiking network PATHS
Key letter PHI
Knee injury initials ACL
La preceder SOL
Legendary Carthaginian general HANNIBAL
Light sleeper's distraction DRIP
Clues Answers
Living area in "The Martian," with "the" HAB
Lyricist Sammy CAHN
March Madness org NCAA
Metaphor for responsibilities HATS
More wicked, in Worcester EVILLER
Nair rival, once NEET
Non-neutral atom ION
Old counters ABACI
Penthouses, e.g.: Abbr APTS
Phillies slugger Hoskins RHYS
Prefix with -gram ANA
Quote, part 2 ISLOVEBUTA
Quote, part 4 NOWANDTHEN
Responsibility RAP
Romanov adherents TSARISTS
Rub the wrong way CHAFE
Saints' achievements: Abbr TDS
Sales staff member REP
Score symbols FLATS
Shade related to violet LILAC
Sharable PC files PDFS
Smartphone downloads APPS
Source of a siren POLICECAR
Sparkle GLEAM
Start of a Charles M. Schulz quote ALLYOUNEED
Tech tutorials site CNET
Techie training site PCLAB
The Carpenters, for one DUO
Thrill ELATE
Touching competition? EPEE
Twelve-step helper AASPONSOR
Unfamiliar with NEWAT
Whodunit canine ASTA
Yellowish brown OCHER
__ City, Iraq SADR