The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 14 2020

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Clues Answers
Aboriginal weapon BOOMERANG
After correction smile as lacking purpose AIMLESS
Amateur, lacking energy, could show pain TRAUMA
Amused expression GRIN
Asian country CHINA
Bar from behaving otherwise INGOT
Bite from bloodied general EDGE
Biting insect GNAT
Church official ELDER
Collectively TOGETHER
Complaint made by 50 in club BLEAT
Composed as a group TOGETHER
Cunning element in hierarchy ARCH
Curved structure ARCH
Drinking consequence HANGOVER
Friend has tea brought round at home CHINA
Gold brick INGOT
Group with hunk rehearsed play set piece
Having no direction AIMLESS
Innumerable (informal) UMPTEEN
Large tub BATH
Male in Lebanon out for count? NOBLEMAN
Marine bivalve OYSTER
Morning after initially grates in German city HANGOVER
Clues Answers
Petitioner in Milan cat wounded CLAIMANT
Physical injury TRAUMA
Pitch TAR
Plaintiff CLAIMANT
Plaintive cry BLEAT
Prepared performance set piece
Professor, a rotter, tortured mice ACADEMIC
Profit that might be taken unfairly? ADVANTAGE
Ravel went nuts in Tzigane at the end ENTWINE
Recoil from report about ruptured Romeo BOOMERANG
Republican into booze gives smile GRIN
Scholastic ACADEMIC
Seaman in boat a rating TAR
Send mum one pound MAIL
Senior person in Daniel Deronda ELDER
Silly story about English mollusc OYSTER
Six-footer among banyan trees ANT
Social insect ANT
Some grab at hero in city BATH
Strong at last beat up bloodsucker GNAT
Student left with lucrative work? LEARNER
Tennis point ADVANTAGE
Twist together ENTWINE
Very many men put off about ecstasy UMPTEEN