The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,376 - Jan 30 2020

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Clues Answers
Acquire daughter, acquire chatterbox WINDBAG
Bill advanced after innocent dance LAMBADA
Bury heartlessly accepts doctor finally after criticism for wound treatment STICKINGPLASTER
Caught doctor noshing missing small bun CHIGNON
Collection of information a little bit put back by TV DATASET
Copy American training APE
Drone in centre of Heathrow -- odd THRUM
Dry, odious mix he'd prepared for a reagent SODIUMHYDROXIDE
Geordie's about to shelter deer ROE
Hotel in a northern farm is a busy place ANTHILL
I discovered acid queen is more hostile ICIER
Leading lady over a number of years? ERA
Levelling soft border, broke up plant EVENINGPRIMROSE
Lover's speech in French perhaps? ROMANCELANGUAGE
Note quiet enveloping North Island's lowest point MINIMUM
One coming out from mountain box departs westwards DEBUTANTE
Clues Answers
One might go down to this wage or start to look for work LOWGEAR
One rowing area seized by rough Romans OARSMAN
Organ grinder's assistant stashes detailed picture for soldiers SAMURAI
Prohibit Scotsman's beloved instrument BANJO
Provide large numbers for queen's offspring KITTENS
Recently complaining more in hearing of inflammation PNEUMONIA
Sailor and soldier are at first following oddly ugly poisonous creature TARANTULA
Self-importance is so not right EGO
Sister's house in New York accommodating fugitive when beginning escapes NUNNERY
The setter's sad, avoiding end of cruciverbal fill IMBUE
Thrust mixture with little reliability when carbon is delayed PIERCED
To remove bugs from half of code, student replaces third of memory in peripheral DELOUSE
Ultimately see two French articles following country instrument? UKELELE
What comes after passing flier, feat that's extraordinary AFTERLIFE
What gossips do, it's rumoured? HEARSAY
What might make guy fast? TENTPEG