The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1530

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Clues Answers
Author's short piece of verse POE
Countries with pounds and shillings LANDS
English artist in a particular period ERA
Female struggling to walk, an erstwhile lover? FLAME
Heather is a girl's name ERICA
I've a radio — listener engaged there EAR
Idle brutes, if disturbed, played for time FILIBUSTERED
Left to help a team temporarily out of action? laid aside
Let's tolerate different people who don't touch alcohol TEETOTALLERS
Like issues raised by eco-warriors showing violent manner possibly ENVIRONMENTAL
Minister of religion by lake in a state of abstraction REVERIE
Old character — one's a bit prickly THORN
Clues Answers
One banqueting, not the first, in celebratory season EASTER
One handling goods in shop interrupted by woman and daughter STEVEDORE
Pole put up, fixed in English county DORSET
Poor journalist coming into money after turnabout NEEDY
Quick to communicate EXPRESS
Rely on New Testament as money-related document bank statement
Senator is going out to see ladies abroad SENORITAS
Sequence provided by street band STRING
So the soldiers must go over front THEREFORE
Some yellow length of cloth ELL
Strange article masking untruth ALIEN
Top location in English Channel JERSEY