L.A. Times Daily - Jan 19 2020

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Clues Answers
"Archie's Pals 'n' __": old comic book series GALS
"Frozen" princess ANNA
"High Hopes" lyricist CAHN
"Hulk" star Eric BANA
"Just wait __!" ASEC
"More than a beauty company" company AVON
"Now you've done it!" IMMAD
"Oh, really?" THATSO
"Ozark" actor Morales ESAI
"Queen of Soul" ARETHA
"To be continued" story SERIAL
"We __ please" AIMTO
"Where's my cat treat?" MEOW
"Yikes!" EGAD
"__ for Innocent": Grafton IIS
1944 Italian beachhead ANZIO
2020 Vegas NFLers, if the new stadium is ready RAIDERS
Actor Davis OSSIE
Aloe target ECZEMA
Anne of "Psycho" HECHE
APB subject PERP
Arrests NABS
Baby spoiler, often NANA
Bank acct. item INT
Bayou sound ZYDECO
Bird skilled at long hoops shots? THREEPOINTTERN
Blood pressure raiser IRE
Bluff and bluster HOTAIR
Broadway lighter NEON
Cards with pics IDS
Chaplin of "Game of Thrones" OONA
Chichén __: Mayan ruins ITZA
Col. Potter on "M*A*S*H," to pals SHERM
Currier's partner IVES
D.C. group CONG
Drop by POPIN
Dugout sight MITT
Ed.'s inbox fillers MSS
El Al's home: Abbr ISR
Email abbr FWD
Estate centerpiece MANOR
Etail alternatives MALLS
Farming prefix AGRO
Fighters ANTIS
Find a purpose for USE
Frees (of) RIDS
Games go-with FUN
Genetic chains RNAS
GQ stat CIRC
Grafton of mystery SUE
Gritty film genre NOIR
Gutless one WUSS
H.S. math course CALC
Half a luau serving? MAHI
Hermione's guy RON
HMO doctor designations PCPS
Hoppers BINS
Idaho's Coeur d'__ River ALENE
Imitation gem RHINESTONE
Initiate PIONEER
Is afflicted with HAS
It's high in France ALPE
Item in a Blackpool boot TYRE
Java neighbor BALI
Jokes around JAPES
Kept in a cask, say AGING
Key fruit LIME
KFC choice LEG
Khan of Rufus CHAKA
Knight supporter? PIP
Clues Answers
Lane target PIN
Last letter in radio lingo ZULU
Legendary migrator LEMMING
Like Purell-treated hands ASEPTIC
Massage response AAH
Matisse and Rousseau HENRIS
Mexican menu meat CARNE
MGM motto ender ARTIS
Museum piece depicting a songbird battle? WRENWARPAINTING
Music player with many generations IPODNANO
N.Y. neighbor ONT
Nest egg plans IRAS
Not as green RIPER
One way to read ALOUD
Oregon city namesake ASTOR
Pageant accessories SASHES
Panelist Love of "The Real" LONI
Performance with tricks MAGICACT
Persian faith BAHAI
Plant associated with the infant Moses BULRUSH
Prayer garment SHAWL
Ptr. paper size LTR
Quietly keeps in the loop BCCS
Reach, finally ENDUPAT
River at Avignon RHONE
Rockies roamers WAPITIS
Royal until 1917 TSAR
Runs rampant TEEMS
Salty sort SEADOG
She played Kelly on "Charlie's Angels" JACLYN
Sign of hollowness ECHO
Sleeper's option SERTA
Snack with a Green Tea version in China and Japan OREO
Soapbox address ORATION
Something up your sleeve ULNA
Spot for an icicle EAVE
Standing lead-in LONG
Supply for a bird-of-prey flu epidemic? ILLEAGLEDRUGS
Tabloid-worthy LURID
Take badly? KIDNAP
Take stock of ASSESS
Talks like Daffy LISPS
Target audience for squawkdates.com? SINGLEPARROTS
Tells it like it is SAYSSO
Terra __ COTTA
That ship HER
Those, south of the border ESOS
Threw a party for FETED
Tie the knot on the run ELOPE
Tip-top AONE
Titanic problem BERG
Trainer's concern FLAB
Trap during winter ICEIN
Troupe of pink entertainers? FLAMINGODANCERS
Turkey concerned with the details? TECHNICALFOWL
Uncertain ending words ORNOT
Upper crust type ARISTOCRAT
Valentine message words ILOVE
Virtually never loses to OWNS
Vital lines AORTAS
Warn, feline-style HISSAT
Well past its prime STALE
What embers do GLOW
Where Biles balances BEAM
Where seabirds grab buses? PETRELSTATIONS
World Golf Hall of Famer Nancy LOPEZ
__ jure: by the law itself IPSO
__ market NICHE
__ star TIN