Universal - Jan 17 2020

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Clues Answers
"Baloney!" PSHAW
"Bingo!" AHA
"I concur" AGREED
"Stand" or "down" follower PAT
"Thumbs-down from me!" ISAYNO
Against ANTI
Bandleader's cry after "One, two, three," maybe HITIT
Bay Area hub SFO
Behave in an ungodly fashion? SIN
Belt-making tool AWL
Book after Jonah MICAH
British boys school ETON
Dark horse ... of literature? BLACKSTALLION
Did so-so on the final GOTAC
DVD player predecessor VCR
Farm tower SILO
First word in many a fairy tale ONCE
Fundamentals ABCS
Get the beer flowing TAPAKEG
Gloomy genre EMO
Goat's sound MAA
Have challah, say EAT
High horse ... of the NFL? DENVERBRONCO
Hose shade ECRU
Hover ominously LOOM
Hydrogenated ___ OIL
It may be in your step PEP
Jockey's strap REIN
Laddie's turndown NAE
Like the air after a fire ACRID
Make the grade HACKIT
Malevolent smiles EVILGRINS
Mortgage deal, for short REFI
Mushroom with a long, thin stem ENOKI
Nelson Mandela's org ANC
Offspring of a wild canine WOLFCUB
Owns HAS
Parisian papa PERE
Phone at another's expense CALLCOLLECT
Clues Answers
Place to get a late-night stack IHOP
Play matchmaker for SETUP
Playful bites NIPS
Pre-fry? SPUD
Puts on a patch, perhaps SEWS
Ranger or Explorer FORD
Rapper Lil ___ X NAS
Refines, as ore SMELTS
Riding crop, e.g WHIP
Ritalin target: Abbr ADHD
Rolling rock? LAVA
Rose or Violet NAME
Rower's necessity OAR
Sci-fi robots DROIDS
Show horse ... of animation? MYLITTLEPONY
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
Skeptical toward WARYOF
Slanted column? OPEDPIECE
Snake with a king variety COBRA
Soda shop offerings MALTS
Solo for Renee Fleming ARIA
Spot to hang Christmas lights EAVE
Students may cram for them TESTS
Term of endearment BABE
The blue whale is the largest one MAMMAL
They give to banks BLOODDONORS
Traveled like a monarch? FLEW
Trick alternative TREAT
Uno, in English ONE
Vanguard offering, briefly IRA
Vitamin retailer GNC
Wear's partner WASH
West Bank inits PLO
What you make in a hurry HASTE
When doubled, a Hawaiian fish MAHI
Where you may sense an intuition GUT
Without notice SUDDEN
Yoga posture ASANA