- Jan 17 2020

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Clues Answers
Austen novel EMMA
Belly filler EATS
Bones beside the 9 Down SCAPULAE
Channel presenting Movie Awards MTV
Chaucerian excerpt TALE
Citrus source LEMONTREE
Clangs and bangs NOISES
Company designation INC
Confirmatory comment ITSADATE
Conquerors of the Byzantines OTTOMANS
Cut down ABRIDGE
Decorator's purchase ART
Desired result AIM
Dietary abbr CAL
Doggy day care offerer PETSMART
Elusive one EEL
Emu cousin RHEA
Exam for docs-to-be MCAT
Except for SAVE
Expel from a practice DISBAR
Extreme cruelty SADISM
Familiar pen name BIC
Flamethrower compound NAPALM
Former name of Nova Scotia ACADIA
French lace city ALENCON
Game developer's alteration MOD
Good to go ALLSET
Habitually ALOT
Half a tech twosome DAVEPACKARD
Half a tech twosome BILLHEWLETT
Han Solo's hairy pal CHEWIE
Hardly any ATAD
Hares' ears, vis-à-vis rabbits' LARGER
Heartburn-treatment brand PEPCID
Hollywood ending DEE
Clues Answers
Immerse BATHE
Latin law LEX
Luau staple POI
Migratory seabird TERN
Muscles used for shrugs DELTS
New England whitefish SCROD
Not as amicable ICIER
Orator's avoidance MONOTONY
Pair DUO
Pension contract verb VEST
Perp's escape LAM
Prefix for room ANTE
Proscription TABOO
Quite possibly doable INREACH
Royal Canadian Mint products LOONIES
Royal decree EDICT
Rude dude CAD
Sancho Panza's mount ASS
Senior person ELDEST
Small jazz group SEXTET
Sniffs out DETECTS
Spanish root word OLE
Stop hoping for UNWISH
Straight INALINE
The Bard's longest play HAMLET
The whole family KIN
Trade routes of a sort SEALANES
Tranquility EASE
Turns (off) SHUTS
Ultimate source of granite VOLCANO
Valuable deposit ORE
Warning ender ORELSE
Water near Niagara Falls ERIE
What 19 and 56 Across are credited as founding SILICONVALLEY
__ cream (skin soother) ALOE
__ tectonics (seismology concern) PLATE