New York Times - Jan 8 2020

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Clues Answers
'For Your ___ Only' EYES
'I could go on and on ...' ETCETC
'I'm on your ___!' SIDE
'Interstellar' actor Damon MATT
'Miami ___' VICE
'Old Man and the Sea' fish MARLIN
'Rah!' at a bullfight OLE
'Return from full-screen mode' key ESC
'Spill the tea!' DOTELL
'Thy sharp teeth ...' referent ASP
'Very Bad Things' and 'Swingers' actor Jon FAVREAU
A word from Scrooge BAH
Biological messenger molecule RNA
Bronze ___ AGE
Crowd noises ROARS
Darth Vader's son-in-law Han ___ SOLO
Debate stance PRO
Discussion-recapping phrase INSUM
Dollywood's locale: Abbr TENN
Early warnings of danger ALARMBELLS
Eastern prince EMIR
Echoic soup slogan MMMMGOOD
Economic and legislative capital of Sri Lanka COLOMBO
Egg-shaped computer, once IMAC
Egypt : pound :: Iran : ___ RIAL
Elected congresswoman of 2018, Alexandria ___-Cortez OCASIO
Encapsulation ESSENCE
End point of a military march ARMYCAMP
English pop diva ADELE
Eponymous character of Disneyland's 'Wild Ride' MRTOAD
Extra-small amount, as of lotion DAB
Flashy one, for short? PHOTOG
Freshly ANEW
Glee club member BASSO
Good friend of Stimpy REN
Heist figure ROBBER
Higher-up EXEC
Hollywood-area attraction La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Clues Answers
iPhone alternative, once TREO
Lack one's usual vitality, maybe AIL
Like: Suffix ISH
Longer forearm bone ULNA
Melancholy SORROW
New York Giants giant Mel OTT
Now-discontinued Chili's appetizer with a rhyming name AWESOMEBLOSSOM
One alternative to Uber TAXI
One might sleep on it AMBIEN
Orange sherbet and others DESSERTS
Order at Chipotle TACO
Org. for lawyers ABA
Oscar-winning composer Jule STYNE
Outerwear? GSUIT
Owl or osprey BIRD
Radiant display also called the Northern Lights AURORABOREALIS
Ranchero's plain LLANO
Robert Bolt's '___ for All Seasons' AMAN
Rookie move? CASTLING
Sacred lamb, from the Latin AGNUS
Schwartz who spent Tuesdays with Mitch Albom MORRIE
Sixteenth president's nickname ABE
Soft drink brand AANDW
Southeast Division N.B.A. team, on scoreboards ORL
Suckers or syrups SAPS
Tangy Greek cheese FETA
Tribe of Israel DAN
Tuna alternative HALIBUT
Unit of the eye containing the iris UVEA
Usual victim of Bart's prank calls MOE
Water bill listing USAGE
What's an uncommon blood type ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme ABPOSITIVE
Workplace of Jack Bauer on '24,' for short CTU
Yardstick part EDGE
Young otter's home HOLT
Zany anecdote YARN