USA Today - Feb 25 2020

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Clues Answers
'Full Frontal' host Samantha BEE
'The Unsinkable ___ Brown' MOLLY
'Zero to ___' (song from 'Hercules') HERO
28-Down case POD
Actress ___ Hannah DARYL
Aluminum piece on a soda can POPTAB
Amphibian with a Wild Ride at Disneyland MRTOAD
Anger IRE
Armor-___ CLAD
Article for Vegas LAS
Baby's bed CRIB
Bubble tea flavor TARO
Butter-making device CHURN
Car decoration DECAL
Cause for a redo in pickleball LET
Chocolaty winter drinks COCOAS
College home to the Beinecke Library YALE
Cowboy's garment CHAPS
Cried WEPT
Crucial KEY
Cultural anthropologist Margaret MEAD
Curve BEND
Dallas NBAer MAV
Declare untrue DENY
Discomfort UNEASE
Draw forth ELICIT
Draw in ENTICE
Edible green orb PEA
Family CLAN
Flexible LITHE
Food in a corn husk TAMALE
Food in a hard or soft shell TACO
Go out with SEE
High-temperature condition FEVER
Home to Bahrain and Bhutan ASIA
Ibuprofen brand name MOTRIN
Impoverished NEEDY
Intimate chatter PILLOWTALK
Clues Answers
It covers various things BLANKETPOLICY
Jai ___ ALAI
Jodie's role in 'The Silence of the Lambs' CLARICE
Leafy green with a 'dinosaur' variety KALE
Like a latte FOAMY
Like books and nobles TITLED
Likely to hold a grudge PETTY
Live show host EMCEE
Lugged around TOTED
Ms. Grande, fondly ARI
Muddy the ___ WATERS
Needle-nose tool PLIERS
Nickname for Dorothy DOTTY
Nonfiction movie, for short DOC
Not yet in stock ONORDER
Note paper, of a sort SHEETMUSIC
Pantry item CAN
Part of the foot HEEL
Pinball no-no TILT
Placed loosely DRAPED
Poker hand asset ACE
Prefix for 'sphere' ATMO
Prom queen's ride LIMO
Roof edges EAVES
Royal residence PALACE
Spill a secret BLAB
Stand-up human CLASSACT
Stated openly AVOWED
Steinbeck novel inspired by a Mexican folk tale THEPEARL
Struck heavily PUMMELED
Suffix meaning 'sorta' ISH
Sum up ADD
Tech co. nicknamed 'Big Blue' IBM
Word akin to 'fewer' LESS
Word before 'straits' or 'consequences' DIRE
___ hygiene ORAL
___-faced (pale) ASHEN