- Jan 3 2020

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Clues Answers
''If I Were __ Man'' ARICH
''Snow White . . .'' song HEIGHHO
''__ ever so humble . . .'' BEIT
Accepting of OPENTO
Alaskan native INUIT
Be an omen of AUGUR
Be noncommittal HEDGE
Canine identifier PAWPRINT
City near Mauna Loa HILO
Comics canine ODIE
Croquet venues LAWNS
DC team, in headlines NATS
Deciding upon ELECTING
Dot on a globe ISLET
Essential part PITH
Fan favorite IDOL
Female rabbits DOES
Foamy fare ALE
Former baseball commissioner SELIG
Frankfort sch KSU
Frat letters PHIS
Gets, as profits REAPS
Gives voice to UTTERS
Goes head-to-head VIES
Grandstand shouts RAHS
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Half of ''dos'' UNO
In the course of DURING
Inform, with ''in'' CLUE
Ink cartridge color CYAN
It means ''height'' ACRO
Kit __ (candy bars) KATS
Least disguised BALDEST
Legal analyst Van Susteren GRETA
Legal org ABA
Mad Hatter's serving TEA
Clues Answers
Medicine bottle phrase USEBY
Monopoly pair DICE
Muse of history CLIO
Music of India RAGA
Natural successor HEIR
Otters' prey EELS
Part 2 of quip LIGHTNING
Part 3 of quip ONEBRIGHT
Pastoral poem IDYL
Pasture portion ACRE
Plaintive poem ELEGY
Point of view TAKE
Precious resource TIME
Put down grass SOD
Quince or pear POME
Reheat, perhaps NUKE
Sees the light, perhaps WISESUP
Slowpoke SNAIL
Small WEE
Small, in rap artists' names LIL
Something sought at sinks SOAP
Spots of a sort ADS
Starchy side dish SPUD
Summertime pest GNAT
Surfing mecca OAHU
Syllables of concern UHOH
Tatiana's turndown NYET
Time-sheet abbr HRS
Trap during winter ICEIN
TV toon explorer DORA
Unsuccessful, as batters HITLESS
Very: Mus ASSAI
Video-game pioneer Bushnell NOLAN
Voice quality TONE
Voiced ORAL
Way off AFAR
Where ''Lost'' was aired ABCTV
__ Lama DALAI