Wall Street Journal - Dec 30 2019 - Market Forces

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Clues Answers
“...Let’s initiate a ___ to get those defective units off the market...” PRODUCTRECALL
“...Let’s revamp our website to improve our ___ on Google...” PAGERANK
“...Our reputation is finally fixed! That was a great ___” (on more than one level) PRCAMPAIGN
“...We can hold a ___ to motivate our team to provide good customer service...” PEPRALLY
“...We should issue ___ so people will hear the good work we’re doing...” PRESSRELEASES
“Only one star on Yelp? What a ___! We need to repair our reputation...” POORREVIEW
A single time ONCE
Arrested, informally RANIN
Basic chord TRIAD
Basil-based sauce PESTO
Be of use AVAIL
Believer’s suffix IST
Bible boat builder NOAH
Brewed beverage ALE
Brother in an order MONK
Champagne cork sound POP
Cockamamie INANE
Competitor RIVAL
Concluding passage CODA
Daiquiri ingredient RUM
Debtor’s letters IOU
Depart LEAVE
Dishonest sort LIAR
Do some roadwork PAVE
Does well on a golf hole PARS
Downhill glider SLED
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Egyptian god of the dead OSIRIS
Fancy wheel decorations RIMS
Fifth and Madison, for two AVENUES
Foster of the Steelers RAMON
Frisbee, for example DISC
Gadot of “Wonder Woman” GAL
Gave one star to, perhaps RATED
Hams’ devices RADIOS
Heaps and heaps ATON
Hitter’s stat RBI
Imagined at night DREAMED
Clues Answers
Intense fear TERROR
Kind of pride CIVIC
Liechtenstein border river RHINE
Malevolent EVIL
Molokai or Maui ISLAND
Musician Yoko ONO
Network showing old films TCM
Note below D CSHARP
Ocean off Cal PAC
Ocean predator SHARK
Opposite of NNE SSW
Oyster prize PEARL
Pharmacy bottles VIALS
Query ASK
Ready-fire go-between AIM
Referred to CITED
Safari animals RHINOS
Sedated, say ONMEDS
See 48-Down OPS
Shell game, e.g SCAM
Singer Lauper CYNDI
Sister in an order NUN
Snookums DEARIE
Sonora “See ya!” ADIOS
Spaceship Earth setting EPCOT
Staircase units STEPS
Stanley Cup org NHL
Stare in shock GAPE
Substitute for ACTAS
Tarnish TAINT
Time out? COMA
Uninteresting DULL
Visitors in UFOs ETS
Websites are written in it HTML
With 41-Down, events on a candidate’s schedule PHOTO
Word before tube or beauty INNER
Wordsworth or Whitman POET