USA Today - Feb 12 2020

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Clues Answers
'At Last' singer James ETTA
'Come to think ___ . . .' OFIT
'Downton ___' ABBEY
'Get out of here!' SHOO
'Got to Be ___' (Cheryl Lynn hit) REAL
'I swear!' NOLIE
'Oh, shucks!' AWGEE
'On the ___ of Morning' (Angelou poem) PULSE
'Othello' villain IAGO
'Y'all know each other?!' SMALLWORLD
Absolutely detest HATE
Adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson TREASUREISLAND
After a while LATERON
Ali ___ ('Open sesame!' speaker) BABA
Amount of bricks TON
Bothers greatly IRKS
Brewed beverage TEA
Camera attachment LENS
Clobber with snowballs, say PELT
Color similar to cyan TEAL
Cookie that some people eat with mustard OREO
Country east of Mauritania MALI
Creative flashes IDEAS
Equine with long ears ASS
Evil spirit FIEND
Florida scrub jay, for one RAREBIRD
Fly off the shelves SELL
Flying solo ALONE
Fraidy-cat WIMP
From that time SINCE
Geometry calculation AREA
Gets on in years AGES
Group of like-minded voters BLOC
Groups of Girl Scouts PATROLS
Highly skilled DEFT
Hightail it FLEE
Hourly salary WAGE
How some contracts are signed INPEN
Clues Answers
Hydrotherapy offerer SPA
Immensely impressive LARGERTHANLIFE
Jessica of 'Hitchcock' BIEL
Left-hand side of a ship PORT
Like many supermodels TALL
Log-shaped pastries ECLAIRS
Low-risk wager SAFEBET
Manuscript ready to submit FINALDRAFT
Midwest ___ (rock subgenre) EMO
Molecule researched by Rosalind Franklin DNA
Olympic sled racer LUGER
Online attention-seeker TROLL
Opposed to ANTI
Parka feature HOOD
Pricey Japanese beef KOBE
Put in alphabetical order, e.g SORT
Queries ASKS
Rita's role in 'West Side Story' ANITA
Road groove RUT
Roll out the red carpet for, say HONOR
Sch. fundraiser sponsor PTA
Shrewdly tricky SLY
Silent-letter pest GNAT
Sing 'tweedle do dah doe doop boop,' perhaps SCAT
Six-pt. plays TDS
Slippery fish used in hitsumabushi EEL
Some minor injuries SCRAPES
Sulky state SNIT
Swelled head EGO
Tailor's concern FIT
Tattooing fluids INKS
Thick slice SLAB
Throw in ADD
Two-time WNBA MVP Delle Donne ELENA
Vet's patient, often PET
Wall Street transaction TRADE
Young bloke LAD
___-care SELF