New York Times - Dec 25 2019

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Clues Answers
'Blah, blah, blah ...': Abbr ETC
'Damn Yankees' vamp LOLA
'God ___ Ye Merry, Gentlemen' REST
'However ...,' in texts OTOH
'Jingle Bells' or 'White Christmas' OLDIE
'Sure, if that's how you feel ...' OKTHEN
'Yo - check this out!' PSST
A deadly sin SLOTH
Air freshener scent LEMON
All the dirt on Santa? ASH
Buckeyes' sch OSU
C-worthy SOSO
Coffee shop order MOCHA
Country bumpkin YAHOO
Drop by unexpectedly POPIN
Endmost compartment in a till ONES
Favorites PETS
Florida theme park EPCOT
French ___ (bird in 'The 12 Days of Christmas') HEN
Get a hurry on SCOOT
Get washed away ERODE
It's an affront SLAP
Kind of fatty acid OLEIC
Kind of palm ACAI
Kinda sorta ISH
Lasting mark SCAR
Latin gods DEI
Lawman Eliot NESS
Laze in the rays BASK
Loop with a slipknot NOOSE
Menu bar heading EDIT
Mexican artist Frida KAHLO
Nebraska county named for an indigenous people OTOE
Norse god with a hammer THOR
Onetime CBS forensic drama CSI
Part of a dating profile, for short BIO
Clues Answers
Part of a window thrown up in 'A Visit From St. Nicholas' SASH
Partner of proper PRIM
Parts of guesses in Clue ROOMS
Past the point of no return INTOODEEP
Place to get a C.D. or an I.R.A SANDL
Place where one might hear 'That's my cue!' POOLHALL
Reason for hoarseness STREP
Red Muppet ELMO
Rhyming question of attractiveness HOTORNOT
Round of four SEMIS
Sam of 'Jurassic Park' NEILL
Sharp critic HATER
Singer Redding OTIS
Slightly ATAD
Something to say to a doctor AHH
Special treatment, for short TLC
Sporty car roof TTOP
Spruces (up) TIDIES
State firmly AVER
Subject taught in a madrasa ISLAM
Syria's Bashar al-___ ASSAD
Talk trash about DIS
Tidbit in vegetable soup PEA
Undeveloped egg cell OVULE
Weather map lines relating to temperature ISOTHERMS
What Santa might say on his North Pole hotline? PLEASEHOHOHOLD
What Santa said when going down a chimney that had a lit fireplace? HOHOHOLYSMOKES
What Santa said when his sleigh touched down? LANDHOHOHO
What Santa said when the reindeer went on strike on Christmas Eve? ITSHOHOHOPELESS
What Santa says around dawn on Christmas Day? IMHOHOHOME
What you may call it NOUN
Where shampoo is applied SCALP
Zig or zag TURN
___ Beta Kappa PHI
___ colada PINA
___ soup MISO
___ verde (desert tree) PALO