Universal - Dec 20 2019

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Clues Answers
"Are you sleeping?" response IMUP
"As I see it," in textspeak IMHO
"Entourage" agent Gold ARI
"Expert" ending ISE
"It's either you ___" ORME
"Luxurious" Spice Girl POSH
"Planet of the ___" APES
"Really?" ISITTRUE
"Stat!" ASAP
"To a ..." poems ODES
"Yeah, right!" ASIF
2017 Disney film about an aspiring musician COCO
Actor Davis OSSIE
Arm-twisting DURESS
Baggage handler REDCAP
Battery contents ACID
Bay Area medical sch UCSF
Beds on a base COTS
Beers that lumberjacks like the sound of? LAGERS
Best club in Vegas, usually? ACE
Big bird EMU
Bigwig in Qatar EMIR
Blunder ERROR
Bugle call TAPS
Capricorn, for one TROPIC
Certain degree of success? PHD
Chemically nonreactive INERT
Chicken-king connector ALA
Come into view EMERGE
Data holder DISK
Early modern style ARTDECO
End of many religions' names ISM
Fizzling sound PFFT
Get ___ of (reach) AHOLD
Greet aggressively ACCOST
Health info site WEBMD
Hot, cheesy sandwich MELT
How Darth Vader likes his Starbucks coffee? ONTHEDARKSIDE
Clues Answers
How Han drinks his Starbucks iced tea? FROMASOLOCUP
Indian melody RAGA
Intermission follower ACTTWO
It might be a lot ACRE
Jaguar or Jeep MAKE
Key next to F1 ESC
Kind of chair in an office SWIVEL
Like Skywalker's Starbucks coffee, temperature-wise? JUSTLUKEWARM
Like Vassar and Vanderbilt COED
Minor mistake SLIP
Move, to a Realtor RELO
Next in line for an estate HEIR
No longer upset about something OVERIT
Norwegian's neighbor SWEDE
Oklahoma athlete SOONER
Online alter egos AVATARS
Pal of Pooh ROO
Physicians' org AMA
Pianist known for his candelabra LIBERACE
Pint at a pub ALE
Practical jokes GAGS
Puts a new price label on RETAGS
Reddish-pink hue CORAL
Rice-A-___ RONI
Slightly open AJAR
Sound of a perfect basketball shot SWISH
Spiritual selves SOULS
Stable baby FOAL
Stitch together SEW
Turned loose FREED
Turned suddenly VEERED
Very, in Versailles TRES
Vidi, translated ISAW
What Kylo Ren gets when Starbucks opens? THEFIRSTORDER
Without a doubt SURE
Workout units REPS
___ Verde National Park MESA