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Clues Answers
'El —' (1961 epic film) CID
'It's Pat' star Julia SWEENEY
'MIB' part MENIN
'Relax, GI!' ATEASE
'The Fresh Prince of — -Air' BEL
'The nerve!' INEVER
'The Wire' actor Elba IDRIS
'Tru' subject CAPOTE
'Yes, sorry to say' AFRAIDSO
'You said it!' RIGHTON
37-Down part: Abbr ORG
4-point Scrabble piece YTILE
A, to Wilhelm EIN
Actor Bert of 'The Wizard of Oz' LAHR
Actor — Zimbalist Jr EFREM
Adam's partner EVE
Agent, for short REP
America's Cup sport YACHTING
Apartment, e.g.: Abbr RES
Batik artisan DYER
Besides that ALSO
Big Apple airport code LGA
Boisterous merriment HILARITY
Boss of a cpl SGT
Branch of Buddhism ZEN
Bristlecone, for one PINETREE
Bucolic byway COUNTRYROAD
Caribbean isle ARUBA
Childbirth assistant DOULA
Comparable (with) ONPAR
Copier ink TONER
Count (on) RELY
Counts up ADDS
Cribbage pin PEG
Dancer Duncan ISADORA
Dancing girl in 'Return of the Jedi' OOLA
Digital greeting ECARD
Drink sample SIP
Earned more points than OUTSCORED
Earnings not allocated for necessary items DISCRETIONARYINCOME
Earthen pot CROCK
Egyptian — (certain cat) MAU
Ellipsis bit DOT
Ending for cannon EER
Ending for Canton ESE
Engine noise HUM
Entertain AMUSE
Events to move merchandise for charity RUMMAGESALES
Ever and — ANON
Exclusive group of people INCROWD
Fancy tie CRAVAT
Fashion DESIGN
Feminizing suffix ETTE
Feminizing suffix INE
Fine fiddle STRAD
Flanders on 'The Simpsons' NED
Fork out SPEND
Former fillies MARES
Global financial gp IMF
Green-minded gp EPA
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Hail — (yell 'Taxi!') ACAB
Helen's city TROY
Here-there linkup NOR
Honshu port OSAKA
Illicit love affairs AMOURS
In the blink of — ANEYE
It may be trespassed on PRIVATEPROPERTY
Italy's largest port GENOA
Jacuzzi sigh AAH
Clues Answers
Journalistic profession FOURTHESTATE
Lack of a response NOREPLY
Large lizard IGUANA
Leaves alone LETSBE
Leer at OGLE
Leg bone TIBIA
Like gross profits ... or how the ends of eight answers in this puzzle might appear BEFORETAX
Madam's partner SIR
Made of turf SODDY
Many a fiction book NOVEL
Mosque minister IMAM
Move around like a baby CRAWL
Neighbor on 'Seinfeld' KRAMER
Newborn INFANT
Oct. 24 observance UNDAY
One way to serve ham or pastrami ONRYE
Passed-on value system, say CULTURALINHERITANCE
Perjurer, e.g LIAR
Pillager LOOTER
Pimple ZIT
Plains tribe OTO
Plains tribe OSAGE
Prelim INTRO
Pro hoops gp NBA
Prone to tilt TIPPY
Provided with a meal FED
Purple-brown PUCE
Quit sleeping AWAKEN
Razor-honing band STROP
Reaches GETSAT
Redgrave of film VANESSA
Register, to a Brit ENROL
Ride to bust BRONC
River through Flanders YSER
Roman despot NERO
Rushed toward RANAT
Saltpeter NITER
School lobby gp NEA
Sculling need OAR
Serious moral offense CARDINALSIN
Shady giants ELMS
Shirt-pocket audio player IPODNANO
Soaking spot TUB
Song of thanksgiving PAEAN
Stallone role RAMBO
Start for dermis EPI
Stitched line SEAM
Suffix with northwest ERN
Superbright colors NEONS
Tailed orbiter COMET
Take hold SETIN
Tattoos and piercings BODYART
Tested the weight of by lifting HEFTED
That, in Spanish ESA
Tic-toe linkup TAC
Transparency film ACETATE
Trendy again RETRO
Two-spinoff CBS series NCIS
Very brave INTREPID
Very manly MACHO
VII times II XIV
Volkswagen hatchback GTI
Voting 'no' ANTI
Wafers, e.g DISCS
Wave-tossed bobber BUOY
Western mil. alliance NATO
Wine coolers ICERS
— -cone (frozen treat) SNO
— Bo (fitness system) TAE
— Kippur YOM