- Dec 5 2019

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Clues Answers
''Here comes trouble!'' UHOH
''In the future'' ender TOBE
''Messenger'' molecule RNA
''Rigoletto'' solo ARIA
''Speak!'' reply ARF
''You're so right!'' AMEN
Actress Cannon DYAN
Ads intended to entice TEASERS
Analogy phrase ISTO
Aquanaut's home SEALAB
Bard comedy nickname KATE
Best of all PRIME
Big bucks MOOLA
Big lake: Ojibwa MICHIGAN
Breakup SCHISM
Bring along TAKE
Carry out OBEY
Certain Scandinavians FINNS
City near Osaka KYOTO
Country singer Church ERIC
Court shoes brand PROKEDS
Cycle starter UNI
Director Dunham LENA
East __ (nation since 2002) TIMOR
Edinburgh souvenirs TAMS
Edison preceder ALVA
Elongated lunch HERO
Family member SON
Flat water: Otoe NEBRASKA
Flowing ''agua'' RIO
Frat letter PHI
Frat letter TAU
Full of flowers: Spanish FLORIDA
Green mountain: French VERMONT
Haul to the shop TOW
Hawaiian fish, for short MAHI
High-calorie RICH
High-fiber cereal brand ALLBRAN
Clues Answers
Himalayan kingdom BHUTAN
Home of Wichita State U KAN
Homie PAL
It's northeast of Reno ELKO
Just __ (not much) ADAB
Kids' card game WAR
Lake that sounds spooky ERIE
Miscue ERROR
Multiple layers HENS
Mystic Russian monk RASPUTIN
NASA affirmative AOK
Nonspecific person ONE
Nostalgic nickname for Yale OLDBLUE
Old pros VETS
Organic ornamental band WREATH
Perched on ATOP
Pleasing to the eye LOVELY
Red people: Choctaw OKLAHOMA
Relaxed LOLLED
Scenic commuter rd PKWY
Siberia setting ASIA
Smile on BLESS
Some ATM output TENS
Sound of fear EEK
Surrounded by AMID
Switch suffix EROO
The meadow: Mohawk KENTUCKY
The south of France MIDI
Trees with papery bark BIRCHES
True to __ (realistic) LIFE
Type of terrier YORKIE
Type of tomato ROMA
Unexceptional NORMAL
Unmoving INERT
Valhalla dweller ODIN
Verbal dissents NAYS
Wedge on the floor DOORSTOP
What it's called TERM
Workplace-regulating agcy OSHA