Universal - Dec 2 2019

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Clues Answers
"Don't touch my treasure!" ARR
"Get outta here!" PC key ESC
"I Love Lucy" neighbor ETHEL
"Old" sayings SAWS
"Pretty please?" CANTI
"Rumour Has It" singer ADELE
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
All the same ATANYRATE
Austrian peak ALP
Baby in a pouch JOEY
Back from the office ATHOME
Bandleader Shaw ARTIE
Basic concepts ABCS
Beatnik's "Got it!" IMHIP
Before, in an ode ERE
Boston Bruins legend BOBBYORR
British John ELTON
British johns LOOS
Brockovich played by Julia Roberts ERIN
Cabo's peninsula BAJA
Cain's victim ABEL
Center of a storm EYE
Cologne coin EURO
Common toast HERESTOYOU
Did some roadwork PAVED
Dirty Harry's surname CALLAHAN
Double ___ (moles) AGENTS
Energy company in a 2001 scandal ENRON
Gibson ___ Paul guitar LES
Gwen's role in "Damn Yankees" LOLA
Hamburger parts, or this puzzle's theme? BUNS
Hammer end PEEN
In a magnificent way SUPERBLY
In the Black, or in the Red? ATSEA
Inseparable buds BFFS
It can be ajar DOOR
Ivan the Terrible and others TSARS
Clues Answers
Kandinsky colleague KLEE
Laila or Muhammad ALI
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Lead the way SETATREND
MBA holder, e.g GRAD
Metaphorical cup of tea FORTE
New Balance competitor FILA
Not seen every day RARE
Nutritionist's regimen DIET
Opinion pieces OPEDS
Ownership record DEED
Part of NAACP: Abbr ASSN
Perfectly TOAT
Pianist Hess MYRA
Possessed HAD
Put your trust in RELYON
Rainbow Falls' Hawaiian town HILO
Rebel Alliance princess LEIA
Say hi to, say GREET
Sharpen, as skills HONE
Site for film buffs IMDB
Suds evaluation? BEERREVIEW
Sulfur has a strong one ODOR
Tackle something with vigor GOTOIT
Tall ___ (yarn) TALE
Tennis star Sharapova MARIA
They take stands at meetings FLIPCHARTS
Toothpaste form, often GEL
Tune out distractions FOCUS
Type of desk for visitors, briefly INFO
V-formation fliers GEESE
Very expensive STEEP
Vietnamese holiday TET
War fare? KRATIONS
Well-being of a rude person? BOORHEALTH
World-weary BLASE
___ club (singing group) GLEE