The Washington Post - Dec 2 2019

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Clues Answers
'60s hallucinogen LSD
'I-' rds., e.g HWYS
'The Hunger Games' star, to fans JLAW
'__, but no cigar' CLOSE
*Comedian's suppliers GAGWRITERS
*Hostel audience? BACKPACKERS
*Lucrative business MONEYMAKER
*Medieval entertainer COURTJESTER
13-digit pub. codes ISBNS
Amazon assistant ALEXA
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Attain REACH
Ave. and tpk RDS
Backyard chef's stick SKEWER
Bagel flavoring ONION
Bothersome browser apps ADWARE
Bottle-fed tykes BABIES
Campus eatery, for short CAF
Change for the better AMEND
Chopped down AXED
Christen, as a knight DUB
Confident crossword solver's choice INK
Crafty SLY
Cravings YENS
Danger PERIL
Doing as told, in the military ... or what the starts of the answers to starred clues can literally have? FOLLOWINGORDERS
Drum type SNARE
Earl __ tea GREY
Etsy's biz, e.g ETAIL
First part of a play ACTI
Forgetful moment LAPSE
Former filly MARE
Freudian focus EGO
German philosopher who wrote 'The Phenomenology of Spirit' HEGEL
Guns N' Roses frontman Rose AXL
Hard to believe UNREAL
Hard to erase, as markers PERMANENT
Hardly a friend FOE
Clues Answers
Heart of the rink CENTERICE
Heredity units GENES
How chops or ribs are served ONTHEBONE
Hurry up HASTEN
Imperfection FLAW
In shape FIT
Insta upload PIC
ISP option DSL
Italia's capital ROMA
Joes who aren't pros LAYMEN
Lyft competitor UBER
Mai __: cocktail TAI
Mario Kart console, initially SNES
Microsoft Surface competitor IPAD
Modern in-flight amenity WIFI
More faithful TRUER
NBC late-night weekend staple, familiarly SNL
Org. providing workplace safety posters OSHA
Panna __: Italian dessert COTTA
Pencil eraser, e.g NUB
Perp's restraints CUFFS
Persia, now IRAN
Peruvian home CASA
Pooch, to a tyke DOGGY
Prefix for Venice's country ITALO
Pub game DARTS
Rod for stirring a fire POKER
Roll of bills WAD
Slip out to tie the knot ELOPE
Slow-moving coastal critter SEATURTLE
Stink REEK
Supply-and-demand sci ECON
That girl HER
Three-star mil. officer LTGEN
With a long face SADLY
Word with York or Jersey NEW
Work with dough KNEAD
__ and eggs HAM