Universal - Nov 17 2019

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Clues Answers
"I'll pass" NAH
"I'm ___ your tricks!" ONTO
"Let ___ eat cake" THEM
"Relax, and that's an order!" ATEASE
"Super!" NEATO
"The Wizard of Oz" man's makeup? TIN
"Voices Carry" songwriter Mann AIMEE
"___! Humbug!" BAH
All-vowel French word with no "A" or "E" OUI
All-vowel French word with no "I" or "O" EAU
Aorta, for one ARTERY
Balaam's mount ASS
Baseball bat wood ASH
Bee ___ ("Jive Talkin'" band) GEES
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Blowhard GASBAG
Bothered constantly ATEAT
Brazilian soccer great PELE
Bustle ADO
Canonized mlle. or mme STE
Caraway morsel SEED
Casa chamber SALA
Code-cracking org NSA
Color similar to almond ECRU
Contemptuous look SNEER
Craft ART
Creole cooking vegetable OKRA
Cry of disgust UGH
Date palm habitats OASES
Decide OPT
Digress STRAY
Director Lee ANG
DNA research topic GENESET
Every's partner EACH
Floored feeling AWE
Food worker's headwear HAIRNET
Garment-trimming fabric LACE
Gave a rap CARED
Half of the McDonald's logo ARCH
Clues Answers
Handle the food for CATER
Happy GLAD
In that case IFSO
It may be sulfuric ACID
Kansas City winter hrs CST
Kind of speech KEYNOTE
Legendary bird ROC
Like many attics DUSTY
Long, thin fish EEL
Member of The Jackson 5 TITO
Moreno of "One Day at a Time" RITA
Musical events for kids SINGALONGS
Mystery prize? EDGAR
Native New Zealander MAORI
One may purr while snuggling LAPCAT
Oolong or Darjeeling TEA
Org. fighting for LGBTQ rights ACLU
Payment received all at once LUMPSUM
Philanthropist Melinda GATES
Provost's email address ender EDU
Public school teachers' org NEA
Push notification sources APPS
Quarterback Manning ELI
Santa ___ ANA
Shoo-___ (sure winners) INS
Takes to court SUES
Tests, as ore ASSAYS
Touch lightly PAT
Twitter's Dow component TECHSECTOR
Unknown blog commenter's nickname ANON
UPS competitor DHL
Vector's counterpart, in physics SCALAR
Water, e.g., for a plant NEED
Where gamblers get together? CHANCEMEETING
Where knitters get together? WOOLGATHERING
Where Wall Street traders get together? SECURITYCOUNCIL
Where winemakers get together? PRESSCONFERENCE
Word before "force" or "wisely" USE
___ center REC