- Nov 7 2019

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Clues Answers
''Brilliant!'' GOODIDEA
''Casablanca'' woman ILSA
''Febrero'' preceder ENERO
''Music City'' airer CMT
''Still, . . .'' ANDYET
''That's preposterous!'' HAH
''To the max'' suffix EST
''__ Tag!'' (German greeting) GUTEN
12 Down sound BROADA
Ancient Nile kingdom NUBIA
Athlete's wishful contortion BODYENGLISH
Bank offering LOAN
BBC clock setting GMT
Before much has happened EARLYON
Being rented ONLEASE
Beverage brewed outdoors SUNTEA
Beverages brewed indoors ALES
Big name in elevators OTIS
Brimless caps TAMS
Coffee container MUG
Color TV pioneer RCA
Covert ops accrual INTEL
Credentials, for short IDS
DC ballplayer NAT
Dietary catalyst ENZYME
Diner seating area COUNTER
Edna Ferber novel SOBIG
Final Four openers SEMIS
Fire remnants EMBERS
Flying formations VEES
Genetic messenger RNA
Given for dinner FEDTO
Great Seal depiction EAGLE
Half a pair of pliers JAW
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Hawaiian ''Thanks'' MAHALO
Helpful connections INS
High point ACME
Clues Answers
Hockey stat ASSIST
Honda rival HYUNDAI
Honda rival MAZDA
HUD agency GNMA
In any fashion ATALL
Installation after 36 Across WEDDINGBAND
IRS form info SSN
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Lenient SOFT
Maine campus town ORONO
Mideast airline ELAL
Mr. Crockett's home TENN
Mutual promises IDOS
Nested object EGG
Occult sign OMEN
Perfume sample bottle TESTER
Polite rural assent YESM
Prepare, as yesterday's dinner REHEAT
Pugilists' org WBA
Puppy's cry YIP
Radio switch AMFM
Recycling container BIN
Relaxation exclamation AAH
Resistance measures OHMS
Sinister look LEER
Something started from a springboard DIVE
Structure for young climbers JUNGLEGYM
Super Bowl side: Abbr NFC
Term for economic obfuscation FUZZYMATH
Thurman on screen UMA
Tinkered TOYED
Trouble-free SMOOTH
Two-tone treat OREO
Ultimately become ENDAS
United Artists' parent co MGM
Venomous vipers ASPS
Where the VP presides USSENATE
WWII female WAC
__ Romeo ALFA