The Washington Post Sunday - Nov 3 2019

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Clues Answers
'... never send to know for ___ the bell tolls; It tolls for thee': Donne WHOM
'Aladdin' treasure LAMP
'C'est Si Bon' singer Kitt EARTHA
'Copacabana' showgirl LOLA
'Don't go any further' STOP
'Either one works' IMEASY
'Got it!' AHA
'Got it!' ISEE
'May It Be' singer ENYA
'More or less' ISH
'Pass' NAH
'Survivor' faction TRIBE
'___ Dark Materials' (fantasy trilogy) HIS
'___ or it didn't happen' PICS
'___ to be the case' SEEMS
A in a classics class? ALPHA
Actress Remini LEAH
Against from the start? ANTI
Alternative to Eclipse mints CERTS
Amply filled (with) REPLETE
Ancient Olympics prize LAUREL
Band together UNITE
Baton-twirling event PARADE
Big rides, briefly SUVS
Bit of campfire residue ASH
Chillaxed LAZED
Chills, as wine ICES
City that Anne Rice called 'a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history' PARIS
Clay pigeon's trajectory ARC
Cleat, e.g SPIKE
Cleveland NFL players, when they're high on a cannabis drug? (more) HASHISHBROWNS
Comedian Bamford MARIA
Complaint during a bad Herr day? ACH
Compulsory charge TAX
Conclude WRAPUP
Condition treated with a CPAP machine APNEA
Confused response HUH
Consider REGARD
Continuous soreness ACHE
Crunchy Qdoba offering TACO
Culture reporter's focus ARTS
Defense in a courtroom ALIBI
Disqualify (oneself) RECUSE
Doctor's procedure EXAM
Dress in a finicky way PRIMP
Drexel Hill, to Philadelphia SUBURB
Drops by a waterfall? SPRAY
Durable deck material TEAK
Evaluate ASSESS
Exchange for money REDEEM
Extensive story SAGA
Gobbled up EATEN
Grace with an Oscar KELLY
Hank who voices Disco Stu on 'The Simpsons' AZARIA
Headline about how singer Morrison digs high-altitude environments? (less) VANINTOTHINAIR
Heated speech TIRADE
Herbal brew, at times TEA
Highly nitpicky ANAL
Horizon League org NCAA
Horse's bounding stride LOPE
ID checked by a coroner TOETAG
Immense fear TERROR
In years past AGO
Incinerating offense ARSON
Jazzy improv style SCAT
Just okay SOSO
Kawasaki canine AKITA
Lawmaker Newton? ISAAC
Lawmaker's vote YEA
List out, as for the IRS ITEMIZE
Lower in esteem ABASE
Clues Answers
Made, as a free throw SANK
Make a scene? WRITE
Many taverns in Chicago's Boystown, say GAYBARS
Melodramatic lament ALAS
Memorials, monuments, museums, etc SIGHTS
Met a course standard PARRED
Most college applicants TEENS
Moves laterally SIDLES
Native in James A. Michener's 'Alaska' ALEUT
Noblewoman Lucrezia BORGIA
Non-Rx OTC
Not open SHUT
Number of Muses NINE
Obtain a sum ADD
Old Cordoba currency PESETA
Outlaws BANS
Partner of 65 Across THAT
Partner of 65 Down THIS
Patriotic pamphleteer PAINE
Permanent ___ (washer setting) PRESS
Picked hairstyle AFRO
Piece of business wear NECKTIE
Plymouth colony leader Myles, when he hooked up with somebody for an evening? (more) ONENIGHTSTANDISH
Practice for some Japanese monks ZEN
Present the idea of an ABC sitcom about the Johnson family to TV producers? (more) PITCHBLACKISH
Pullover part SLEEVE
Rapid-fire weapons in action films UZIS
Rapper Dr. ___ DRE
Rebounding sound ECHO
Rehabilitating retreat SPA
Released (from) EXEMPT
Ring of holiness HALO
Roast beef seller DELI
Sailboat pole SPRIT
Seal, as a crevice CAULK
Seeks information ASKS
Setting of HBO's 'Chernobyl' USSR
Sharp rise in power SURGE
Shoelace entanglement KNOT
Silver medal-winning flipper? (less) SECONDPLACEFIN
Sin that Gore Vidal called 'the central fact of American life' ENVY
Sites for drawing blood ARMS
SNL actor Davidson PETE
Some familial sitters NANAS
Stat for Sean Doolittle ERA
Strip seen in newspapers GAZA
Strong feature of a 4K TV DETAIL
Structure for a stallion STABLE
Summer house in Russia DACHA
Sushi accompaniment GINGER
Sweet treats PIES
Take a cab? SIP
Take giant steps? STOMP
Tame ___ (psychedelic rock band with a horned animal in its name) IMPALA
The Tampico Bridge connecting Veracruz and Tamaulipas, e.g.? (less) MEXICANSPAN
Thespian's aid CUE
Turnovers created by quarterback Marino, say? (less) DANPASTRIES
Ungulate with a horn RHINO
Vampire Weekend bassist Chris BAIO
Watch part DIAL
Weapons hurled at some target ranges AXES
Weighed down LADEN
What a local church community strives for? (more) PARISHEXCELLENCE
What gives authors stress? ITALICS
Wide-left kicks, e.g MISSES
Window unit PANE
Young lady in Edinburgh LASS
___ Club SAMS
___ off (delay) PUT
___ pencil (astringent device used on cuts) STYPTIC
___-production PRE