The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 3,026 - Oct 20 2019

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Clues Answers
A grate, not quite shut AJAR
Always the most superior of swimmers, with arched neck? SWAN
Can of worms on which butter would melt? HOTPOTATO
Chicken on range fills container, however THENAGAIN
Circling end of pier, fancy eating rock GRANITE
Climb a trail ASCENT
Decent restaurant rejected sack containing rotten sprout GASTROPUB
Drop by five, might that be? VISIT
Ebbing and flowing tempo that's out of this world! DEEPSPACE
Emphasise it's nineteen or fewer? UNDERSCORE
Face getting divorced? Hilarious! SIDESPLITTING
For example, king or lord might live here MANOR
He is number two here PERIODICTABLE
Insult party and 17 Down upset VERBAL
Clues Answers
Japanese food American put in vessel, briefly SUSHI
Little growth in Nairobi, as no businesses set up BONSAI
Look at setting off a bomb with old flame EXAMINE
Patient is treated with cold disinfectant ANTISEPTIC
Person often sitting quietly, one suspended having blown top ANGLER
Politician is introduced to someone making money, quite possibly? MINISTER
Proper wine a shade of yellow PRIMROSE
Repaired a lot, red garment LEOTARD
Ridiculous brain an egghead possesses INANE
Setter unhappy when all becoming dimmer? SUNDOWN
Single covering remains dirty UNWASHED
Teacher of little importance ACADEMIC
Tighten mangle SCREWUP
West Street Providence, say, for brilliant performers MAESTRI