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Clues Answers
'... even — speak' ASWE
'A Brief History of Time' author peddling goods? STEPHENHAWKINGWARES
'Beverly Hills 90210' actress competing in a bee? TORISPELLINGWORDS
'Charlotte's Web' star using fireplace bellows? DAKOTAFANNINGFLAMES
'Cool!,' '90s-style RAD
'Family Huddle' co-author rowing? PEYTONMANNINGOARS
'Hey there' HIYA
'Lullaby of Birdland' composer clipping rams? GEORGESHEARINGSHEEP
'O Sole —' MIO
'Oh, woe!' ALAS
'Paracelsus' poet making toast? ROBERTBROWNINGBREAD
'Sorta' ISH
'That's icky!' UGH
'The Sound of Music' refrain starter DOEADEER
'Tom Jones' novelist catching pop flies? HENRYFIELDINGBALLS
'V for Vendetta' star doing wickerwork? HUGOWEAVINGBASKETS
15-season CBS show CSI
20-volume ref. work OED
Actor Haim or Feldman COREY
Actress Gasteyer ANA
Actress — Dawn Chong RAE
Ample, in dialect ENUF
Ardently fond GAGA
Atty.'s gp ABA
Batting avg., e.g STAT
Be behind schedule RUNLATE
Beatle bride of 1969 ONO
Big smile GRIN
Bother badly EATAT
Brand of luxury Swiss watches EBEL
Brand of spongy toys NERF
Bridal gown material SATIN
Burro ASS
Capitol Hill VIP SEN
Cardiff locale WALES
City northwest of Grenoble LYONS
Costco rival SAMSCLUB
Court legend Arthur ASHE
Cruel Amin IDI
Cut (off) LOP
Dawber of 'Mork and Mindy' PAM
Dazed state STUPOR
Deadly cobra ASP
Debate side PRO
Debate side ANTI
Director Ang LEE
Discontinuity GAP
Emcee HOST
Employees' clip-ons IDBADGES
Epic poem by Virgil AENEID
Fair-hiring inits EEO
Fill fully SATE
Fish eggs ROE
Florida city TAMPA
Former Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Frau's 'no' NEIN
Frayed WORN
Furtive 'Hey there!' PSST
Gathered MET
Goose's kin SWAN
Grand Ole — OPRY
Have OWN
High hairdo UPSWEEP
Hindu sage SWAMI
Honshu sash OBI
ICU staffers RNS
In a while ANON
In need of a refill of LOWON
In — surgery UTERO
Jai follower ALAI
Kind of PC screen LCD
Clues Answers
Kindled LIT
Later time of life OLDAGE
Laugh sound HAR
Lead-in to mo or pitch SLO
Legendary lost island ATLANTIS
Less than BELOW
Locale of Iraq and Israel NEAREAST
Long-snouted fish GAR
Machine arranging sheets COLLATOR
Made a rustling sound SWOOSHED
Madeline of 'First Family' KAHN
Male tyke BOY
Manhattan sch NYU
Milwaukee-to-Miami dir SSE
Minnesota port DULUTH
Most reserved SHYEST
Nadal's sport TENNIS
Name in jets LEAR
Not-to-be-missed thing AMUSTSEE
Nothing but ONLY
Nothing but MERE
OB- — (med. specialist) GYN
Ontario border lake ERIE
Platonic 'H' ETA
Poem variety ODE
Pre-TiVo device VCR
Rocket org NASA
Rockets' org NBA
Rustic verse IDYLL
Rx safety org FDA
Sandbanks SHOALS
Sawmill sight LOG
Sch. org PTA
See 109-Across SIRREE
See 49-Down ASONG
Serpentine SNAKY
Sheik, e.g ARAB
Shipped out SENT
Short, amusing tale ANECDOTE
Shrek, e.g OGRE
Sincere HONEST
Single bill ONE
Soda jerk's workplace MALTSHOP
Son of Hera ARES
Sondheim's Sweeney TODD
Successors of LPs CDS
Suffix with propyl ENE
Tangential remark ASIDE
Tarzan, e.g APEMAN
Techie type GEEK
That gal SHE
The 'E' of QED ERAT
The same, in French EGAL
Tpks., e.g RDS
Transparent kitchen wrap SARAN
Trendy Aussie boots UGGS
Ugly remark SLUR
Utmost NTH
Va. neighbor NCAR
Was inactive SAT
Week unit DAY
Welcomes GREETS
West African nation BENIN
With 13-Down, do some karaoke, e.g SING
With 86-Across, 'You bet!' YES
Yarn coils SKEINS
— -fi film SCI
— pot (nasal cavity rinser) NETI
— terrier SKYE
—'Pea SWEE