Universal - Oct 14 2019

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Clues Answers
"Am not!" rebuttal ARESO
"Four score and seven years ___ ..." AGO
"Kindergarten" or "juggernaut," linguistically LOANWORD
"What ___ is new?" ELSE
"Who's there?" response ITSME
"Yum!" TASTY
*Like some basketball drills FULLCOURT
*Military's capability FIREPOWER
*Rural byway COUNTRYROAD
*Sony console PLAYSTATION
*Sugar maple, for Vermont STATETREE
Accomplishment FEAT
Actress Garr TERI
Add a lane to, say WIDEN
Author Vonnegut KURT
Big event for a Realtor, or what each word in the starred answers can do OPENHOUSE
Bit of salt GRAIN
Blanket descriptor SOFT
Bottle for a model GLUE
Bread for a Bologna sandwich? EURO
Certain tropical vacation CRUISE
City north of Carson City RENO
Color of honey AMBER
Crew propeller OAR
Do a whiteboard chore ERASE
Do an early project-planning step SETAGOAL
Dusseldorf dissent NEIN
Emmy : TV :: ___ : ads CLIO
Faithful TRUE
French playwright Jean GENET
Fuse unit AMPERE
Group at family gatherings? MAFIA
Horse color ROAN
Hyde Park buggies PRAMS
Intend MEAN
Internet sensation MEME
Its smallest country is Maldives ASIA
Japanese drama NOH
Clues Answers
Killer whale ORCA
Like a drumhead TAUT
Like some winter walkways SLUSHY
Lip application BALM
Made bread, e.g BAKED
Mined matter ORE
Not yet claimed UPFORGRABS
Olympian sword EPEE
Opera piece for one voice ARIA
Palindromic text LOL
Palindromic title DEED
Part of, as a scheme INON
Pencil remnant STUB
Poses a question ASKS
Prefix related to anti- CONTRA
Rare, and then some RAW
Rich cake TORTE
Rom-___ COM
Satellite office, e.g BRANCH
School that anagrams to ACLU UCLA
Sci-fi sequel subtitled "The Wrath of Khan" STARTREKII
Simba's sound ROAR
Sleeveless undergarments, for short CAMIS
Spacious ROOMY
Spanish candy heart words TEAMO
Stopwatch button RESET
Tacit approval NOD
Thin and dry PAPERY
Title of nobility SIR
Very, very long time EON
VIP at a Silicon Valley co CTO
Word after "heavy" or "sour" CREAM
Yemeni's neighbor OMANI
___ 6 MOTEL
___ Pince, librarian at Hogwarts IRMA