USA Today - Dec 14 2019

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Clues Answers
'Don't dillydally!' ASAP
'I'll take a ___ at it' STAB
'It's ___-or-die situation' ADO
'Molly of ___' (Alaska-set kids' show) DENALI
'No prob,' in Spanish DENADA
'Present!' IMHERE
'Who ___?' ISNT
'You sure 'bout that?' WANNABET
'___ Maria' AVE
'___ Town Road' OLD
12/31, for short NYE
8,848-meter-high mountain EVEREST
Arthur of 'The Golden Girls' BEA
Asthma-treating devices INHALERS
Belgian coin EURO
Besides that ELSE
Blow away AMAZE
Bombard, as with snowballs PELT
Camera function ZOOM
Chlumsky of comedy ANNA
Church bench PEW
Cranks up, as an engine REVS
Depend RELY
Draped garment whose name comes from Persian SHAWL
Early stage of an app BETA
Fail to practice moderation OVERDOIT
Faith-based action LEAP
Fat for cooking LARD
Feel yesterday's workout ACHE
Fir tree's dropping NEEDLE
Fold mark CREASE
Georgia's capital, for short ATL
Got under control TAMED
Impressive soccer shot HEADER
Internship follower, ideally JOB
It might be mapped or spliced GENE
Journalistic tell-all EXPOSE
Like internships, ideally PAID
Likely to bail on plans FLAKY
Clues Answers
Locks of Love donations TRESSES
Lunchtime, perhaps NOON
Malicious EVIL
Many an image from 'SpongeBob SquarePants,' on the internet MEME
Martial artist's blow CHOP
Notion IDEA
Palindromic detector RADAR
Part of a.m ANTE
Peach ___ FUZZ
Place for bigs and littles SORORITYHOUSE
Pose a question ASK
Ppl with heart emojis on Snapchat BFFS
Predator whose full name means 'king tyrant lizard,' briefly TREX
Punch in the ring JAB
Quantity of plantains BUNCH
Queso, for one DIP
Quinceanera, for one RITEOFPASSAGE
Removes coding errors from DEBUGS
Revert UNDO
Roast venue OVEN
Rueful word ALAS
School of Buddhism ZEN
Shaving need RAZOR
Sheet of glass PANE
Shore squawker GULL
Sofa mishap STAIN
Spelling competition BEE
Stereo protrusion KNOB
Stir-frying vessel WOK
Tail off ABATE
Tie, as a score EVENUP
Washington Mystics org WNBA
Went fast SPED
Word after 'black' or 'bubble' TEA
World's largest hot desert SAHARA
Yale city NEWHAVEN
___ Loops FROOT
___ Prairie, MN EDEN
___-country (dude-centric music subgenre) BRO