The Washington Post - Oct 9 2019

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Clues Answers
'I'm __ a robot': phrase with captcha tests NOT
'Movin' __': 'The Jeffersons' theme ONUP
'Orinoco Flow' singer ENYA
'Roth' savings plan IRA
'Sick insult, dude!' BURN
'Snowy' bird OWL
'The Giving Tree' author Silverstein SHEL
'The Jetsons' son ELROY
'Yu-Gi-Oh!' genre ANIME
10% donation TITHE
1971 Kubrick film, with 'A' CLOCKWORKORANGE
Actress Thurman UMA
Article in El País UNA
Artistic stand EASEL
Big cheese TOPBANANA
Brought home NETTED
Bubble bath spot TUB
Chanted phrase MANTRA
Chinese chairman MAO
City on the Rhône LYON
Closes forcibly SLAMS
Clue character with a bow tie PROFESSORPLUM
Consume INGEST
Deadpan DRILY
Declining in old age SENILE
Dispatched SENT
Distorts, as data FUDGES
Do over REVAMP
Downfall BANE
Easy pickings, and a hint to the four other longest Down answers LOWHANGINGFRUIT
Et __: and others ALIA
Faux __ PAS
Fire truck wail SIREN
Fiscal VIP CFO
Four-winged flier BEE
Good scents AROMAS
Grant's __: NYC landmark TOMB
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Guthrie at Woodstock ARLO
Clues Answers
Had a burger, say ATE
Henry VIII's sixth wife Catherine PARR
Holly's 'Raising Arizona' role EDWINA
How some get across town BYCAB
In the thick of AMID
Irish actor Stephen REA
Junior or senior YEAR
Leg bone FIBULA
Let up ABATE
Like an ideal situation WINWIN
Lodge member ELK
Luau instrument UKE
Model S and Model X electric cars TESLAS
New Haven student YALIE
Nobelist Root ELIHU
Percussion pair HIHAT
Personnel note MEMO
Political pundit Myers DEEDEE
Royal Norwegian name OLAF
Sack opening? KNAP
See 7-Down AWAY
Small bills ONES
Smart fellows? ALECS
Song section VERSE
Street covering TAR
Summer in Quebec ETE
Toronto-to-D.C. dir SSE
Walk-in health facility CLINIC
Washington's Sea-__ Airport TAC
With 2-Down, type of zone in which parking is restricted TOW
Word on U.S. coins UNUM
Word with drum or trumpet EAR
World Cup chant OLEOLE
Yoga-inspired athletic brand LULULEMON
__ Antonio SAN
__ pal GAL
__ pool TIDAL
__-mo replay SLO