New York Times - Sep 29 2019

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Clues Answers
'... ___ a lender be' NOR
'Great' place to be OUTDOORS
'I saw ___ duck' (classic ambiguous sentence) HER
'I see it now' AHA
'My word!' ISAY
'Our lab studies regular dance moves rather than high-kicking'? ITSNOTROCKETTESCIENCE
'Yikes!' EEK
'___ Burr, Sir' ('Hamilton' song) AARON
'___ nobis pacem' ('Grant us peace': Lat.) DONA
5x5 crosswords, e.g MINIS
75+ person? SPEEDER
Airport grp TSA
Alma mater of George Orwell and Henry Fielding ETON
Alnico or chromel ALLOY
Angle symbol in geometry THETA
Apparently does SEEMSTO
Architect Lin MAYA
Art ___ DECO
Bankroll FUND
Basic skate trick OLLIE
Became less severe EASEDUP
Beer, slangily SUDS
Big Apple airport code LGA
Bona ___ FIDE
Branch ARM
Brewing one's morning coffee, e.g RITUAL
Capital of Punjab LAHORE
Cause of a shocking Amazon charge? EEL
Central region of the Roman Empire ITALIA
Check out SCAN
Co. heads CEOS
Coal industry org UMW
Coin in the Potterverse KNUT
Comics character often kicked off a table ODIE
Cruise that specializes in baked alaska, e.g.? SHIPOFTHEDESSERT
Dear HON
Diminutive ELFIN
Diver's accouterments SCUBA
Do a star turn SOLO
Domains AREAS
Down EAT
End of oyster season APRIL
End ___ USER
Eponymous 2001 #1 album JLO
Faction SIDE
Fancy gizmos GADGETRY
Fire man? SATAN
Flavoring for snack peas WASABI
French dialect CAJUN
Friend ___ friend OFA
Galena, e.g ORE
Garden plots BEDS
Go wrong ERR
GPS suggestions: Abbr RTES
Habit WONT
Habitat for a mallow MARSH
Had down KNEW
Having a long face, say HORSY
Hogwarts potions professor SNAPE
How everyone on this floor is feeling? THEMORALEOFTHESTORY
Imperfect cube LOADEDDIE
Impulse WHIM
Indian title RAJA
Kim to Kourtney, or Kourtney to Khloé SIB
Kind of battle UPHILL
Last in a series, perhaps NTH
Lead-in to -ville in children's literature WHO
Leader in yellow journalism and an inspiration for 'Citizen Kane' HEARST
Clues Answers
Like ambitious scientists? NOBELMINDED
Like some customs TRIBAL
Loire filler EAU
Long hikes TREKS
Look after SEETO
Mark indelibly ETCH
Massive weapon of sci-fi DEATHSTAR
Middle-earth quaff ALE
MIX, for one YEAR
Musician Brian ENO
Myriad SLEW
Native New Zealanders MAORIS
Not go bad KEEP
Not many FEW
Old strings LUTES
On the warpath ANGRY
One without a title COMMONER
Option in an Edit menu REDO
Package deliverers of the present day? REINDEER
Pieces of work? ERGS
Pops up in France? PERE
Protected, as feet SHOD
Purchase for Wile E. Coyote TNT
Quarrel SETTO
Quickly go through the seasons, say BINGE
Refuse to admit DENY
Regarding ASFOR
Request from ASKOF
Roof part EAVE
Rough amts ESTS
Rough housing TENTS
See 43-Down ORDER
Seize (from) WREST
Serving at a pancake house STACK
Several of them could be used in a row OARS
Shade HUE
Short strokes PUTTS
Shout from a lottery winner IMRICH
Simple hydrocarbon ETHANE
Some brick houses IGLOOS
State of stability EVENKEEL
Summary of an easy negotiation? ICAMEISAWICONCURRED
Terse summons SEEME
The banker in the Beatles' 'Penny Lane' never wears one in the pouring rain (very strange!) MAC
The main food served at Walden Pond? MAJORTHOREAUFARE
The Oligocene, e.g., in geology EPOCH
The Phanerozoic, e.g., in geology EON
The second 'p' in p.p.m PER
Thirst (for) YEARN
Tie the knot WED
Tiffany lampshade, e.g GLASSWORK
Tree that starts fires? FIR
Trim, with 'down' PARE
Vault LEAP
Verano, across the Pyrénées ETE
Voice role for Beyoncé in 2019's 'The Lion King' NALA
Was sore ACHED
What a truck driver puts on before a date? SEMICOLOGNE
What one does not do when sent to jail PASSGO
With 44-Down, judge's mandate COURT
Word of advice TIP
Words on an invoice BILLTO
Words to a dejected friend ICARE
___ Minor URSA
___ pool TIDAL
___ Rutherford, a.k.a. the Father of Nuclear Physics ERNEST
___-mo SLO
___-V ('paste' on a PC) CTRL