The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,165 - Sep 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Adoption of America splitting poor Poles ESPOUSAL
Agree to put down roots SETTLE
Begin, nervously keeping secret INNER
Better church line supporting European vote EXCEL
Brave going topless with swim being a chancy affair LUCKYDIP
Conservative must have consent to hoard silver for separation CLEAVAGE
Current level of technology required by country frequently needing courage STATEOFTHEART
Discover King John's end LEARN
Disease of higher degree student on song MALARIA
Elk to the south of Virginia leave in a hurry VAMOOSE
Equipment Cameron set cut out ACCOUTREMENTS
Flipping racket about very loud university outflow EFFUSION
Fools from summits changing sides CLOWNS
Include case for European navigation device ENCOMPASS
Joint legal document protecting son WRIST
Clues Answers
Millions invested in bags for fishing vessels SMACKS
Muslim ruler has name for student and effect of exposure SUNTAN
Nanny perhaps understood about area GOAT
Parrot kept in container that's most tacky CHEAPEST
Particles of stone ruin at sea NEUTRINOS
Plant a politician in county SAMPHIRE
Reporter potentially has answer for nation CUBA
Revolutionary shifting cash in art ANARCHIST
Sickly aspect of everybody into mostly fortified wine PALLOR
Stop short after shout for such glass CRYSTAL
Tense examination of the countryside PASTORAL
The colour of one doing wrong? INDIGO
This offers protection from developing rubella with the onset of measles UMBRELLA
Tower needing airmen to be trained on time MINARET
West coast city featuring in map and article is a cheat CHARLATAN